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#BreakingNews : ENMITY Unveils Details of Upcoming EP "R3EVOLUTION"

In a thrilling development for metal enthusiasts worldwide, ENMITY, the trailblazing "Old School" Thrash Death Metal outfit, is gearing up to unleash their next sonic onslaught in the form of their upcoming EP, titled "R3EVOLUTION" After months of meticulous crafting, recording for the EP reached its culmination in April 2024, with the renowned Jean Francois Dagenais of Kataklysm fame taking the helm for mixing and mastering duties. Mark your calendars, as the release date for "R3EVOLUTION" has been set for May 17, 2024, promising a seismic upheaval in the metal landscape. But that's not all – fans can brace themselves for an early treat, with the music video for the track "Self Destruction Evolution" slated for online debut on ENMITY's YouTube channel on May 2, 2024. Helmed by mastermind and main composer David Decobert on guitar, ENMITY comprises experimental musicians hailing from France, Palestine, Indonesia, and Canada, including the

#BreakingNews : Jember's Grindcore Band, BELATI TAJAM, Unleashes Debut Album 'Perjalanan Dimensi' to Rattle Hardcore Music Enthusiasts Across the Archipelago

  Released via PT Suara Mas Abadi Jakarta on March 27, 2024, the album offers nine tracks filled with distortion and brutal beats, promising to ignite spirits. Titles like 'Balyani', 'Kita Persid Jember', 'Darah Muda', and 'Aku Cinta Indonesia' reflect patriotic fervor and social criticism wrapped in explosive, varied, and dynamic grindcore music. Recorded across three studios in Jember, Belati Tajam's lineup of Gandoz (vocals), Pepenk (guitar), Muchan (bass), and Ufis (drums) delivers cohesion and roaring energy in every song. Two tracks feature a stellar collaboration with guitarist Nuril 13, adding dimension and variation to Belati Tajam's music. Their songs not only reverberate locally but also feature in various physical CD compilation albums alongside bands from Indonesia and abroad, including Agathocles, Extreme Decay, Muntah Kawat, Pontblank, and others. The track 'Darah Muda' even graces the prestigious 'Maximum Voltage Djaru

Metalcore Band STEP IN HOPE Resurfaces with New Singles

  Still tinged with sorrow yet rising from despair, STEP IN HOPE, the metalcore band hailing from Sukabumi, reemerges with renewed vigor in 2024. Despite ongoing member changes, the band remains steadfast in completing their debut album. Currently comprised of Paksi Kanakayama H (Vocals), Rachmat Fauzi (Vocals, Guitar), and Syarif Hidayat (Drums), STEP IN HOPE released their second single, "Believe," on September 23, 2023. Recently, on March 29, 2024, they unveiled their third single, "Sirna Kelam," while diligently gathering material to finalize their album. All tracks are produced in collaboration with EXR Records and digitally published by PLAYBACK RECORDS, now available on all major streaming platforms. Contact: Instagram : @stepinhope Facebook : STEP IN HOPE  Email : Contact Person : 085720611932 (Paksi Kanakayama H)

#BreakingNews : KI BARAK SELEM Releases Metal Cover of Traditional Balinese Song "Jenggot Uban"

  In a groundbreaking move to revive Balinese cultural heritage, Ki Barak Selem (KBS) unveils their latest single (NOT AN OFFICIAL SINGLE), a metal rendition of the traditional Balinese song "Jenggot Uban." The cover, recorded from mid-March to April 12, 2024, and officially released today, April 14, 2024, aims to reintroduce the younger generation to the forgotten Gending Rare, preserving the rich literary legacy of Bali. ▶️ ▶️ Led by Putra Pande, the cover combines elements of Balinese gamelan with metal music, offering a unique twist to the classic tune. Despite acknowledging imperfections, KBS hopes the cover will serve as a reminder of Bali's cultural roots and spark interest among the youth. The song's poignant lyrics delve into the symbolism of aging and experience, illustrating the curiosity of youth juxtaposed with the wisdom of age. Through "Jenggot Uban," KBS encapsulates the timeless

#BreakingNews : Death Metal Band ROTTENPIG to Release Debut Single "NARASI TUHAN"**

  Rottenpig , the death metal band known for their pig monster masks, is set to release their debut single "NARASI TUHAN" on April 24, 2024, serving as a prelude to their upcoming EP later this year. Formed officially on December 10, 2022, in Purworejo - Central Java, the band consists of Bagaz Begundal (vocals), Trizz Butcherhead (guitar), Agus Sinner (bass), and Genjixx Prisma (drums). Their journey has been fueled by the unwavering support of the Purworejo metal community, particularly the Dark Embrionic Community (POGO – Purworejo Gogrog), which has backed them tirelessly, solidifying their presence in the Indonesian metal/extreme scene. Adding to their lineup in 2023 were Bono (Drosophila) as the second drummer, alternating onstage with Genjixx, Riki Pokemon as the second guitarist, and finally, Alex Rafael (Destroyer Kid) as the main vocalist, alternating with Bagaz. Their concept remains rooted in extreme metal, characterized by their pig and boar masks, symbolizing th

#BreakingNews : GRIMLOCK AGONY Set to Release Debut Singles!**

  GRIMLOCK AGONY, a fresh face in Sukabumi's music scene, is gearing up to unleash their debut singles on April 12, 2024. Embracing the Deathcore genre with influences from Slaughter To Prevail, Whitechapel, Slipknot, and Periphery, the band's philosophy centers on overcoming suffering for personal growth. Under the guidance of Metal Militia 99 Production, led by Faizal Darussalam of Angel Of Death, the promotional singles will be available in physical formats like CD and cassette, alongside exclusive bundle packs featuring their limited edition single "Suffer." Simultaneously, the band's tracks will hit digital platforms worldwide, offering a taste of their unique sound and vision. With hopes to resonate with extreme music enthusiasts, GRIMLOCK AGONY is poised to make their mark on the national scene. Stay tuned for the debut singles from GRIMLOCK AGONY as they aim to captivate audiences with their raw energy and profound lyrics. Contact: Instagram: https://insta

#BreakingNews : ANGEL OF DEATH Unveils Single 'SABDA SEMESTA' for Their 3rd Album Release this Year**

  Sukabumi-based band Angel of Death, comprised of Faizal (vocal), Okky (guitar), Yudhi (guitar), Tisna/Wig (bass), and Robith (drum), has dropped their latest single titled 'Sabda Semesta' early this year. Officially released on March 24, 2024, in lyric video format and available on all digital platforms, the track features a dark arrangement intertwined with clean piano melodies, showcasing the band's signature vocal screams. 'Sabda Semesta' serves as a teaser for their upcoming third album, set to be a split release with a Spanish band on April 24, 2024, exclusively in physical formats like cassette and CD, managed by Metal Militia 99 Prod. The single, penned by Faizal, also the producer, with full handling by TR Studio, arrangement by Okky Radith & Faizal, and featuring local musician Ko' Dika on piano, while the artwork is crafted by BVLL Metal Art (U.S.A). Previously, in 2023, Angel of Death surprised fans with the single "Melawan Suci," inco