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#BreakingNews : Mesmerizing Collaboration - GALMED Joins Forces with Crying Tomorrow (Italy & Iran) on "Interlude in Darkness"

In a remarkable blend of musical traditions and modern intensity, GALMED has announced a thrilling collaboration with Crying Tomorrow (Italy & Iran) on their latest single, "Interlude in Darkness." This song takes listeners on an emotional journey, weaving together dark and light harmonies to reflect on the challenging moments when darkness seems to prevail but hints of serene resilience shine through. "Interlude in Darkness" uniquely combines traditional Batak Toba instruments, such as the gondang and Surdam Karo, with powerful djent metal elements. This fusion creates a striking contrast, where ancient sounds evoke deep cultural roots, while the djent metal sections deliver a forceful, intense backdrop, portraying the struggle and tension. One of the standout features of this track is the international collaboration. Crying Tomorrow's Valerij Montecchi from Italy contributes both clean and screamo vocals, enhancing the song's dynamic range.

#BreakingNews : LIGHTLORN Unveils New Single "Noctalgia" and Expands Band Lineup

The cosmic black metal band LIGHTLORN has released their highly anticipated new single "Noctalgia" on May 31, 2024. Formed in 2021 in Gothenburg, Lightlorn is renowned for their exploration of themes such as alienation, isolation, and existential dread. Their name, meaning "bereft of light," perfectly encapsulates their musical and lyrical focus on the darkest and coldest voids of the cosmos. Lightlorn first captured the attention of the metal community with their EP "These Nameless Worlds" in 2022 and their debut full-length album "At One with the Night Sky" in 2023. Both releases received critical acclaim from prominent publications including Metal Hammer, No Clean Singing, Invisible Oranges, and Noob Heavy. In an exciting development, Renwar, the band's vocalist and primary songwriter, has expanded the lineup by recruiting Robert on bass and Antonio on drums. Both new members made their debut on the new single "

#BreakingNews : ANTIKOLOR Releases New Single "A.C.A.B (Aku Cinta Aku Benci)"

Antikolor, the Pop Punk unit from Bandar Lampung, is back with a bang, releasing their highly anticipated single "A.C.A.B (Aku Cinta Aku Benci)" on May 9th, 2024. Following the success of their album "Playground," released in March, the band is ready to captivate listeners once again with their unique blend of lyrics and melody. "A.C.A.B (Aku Cinta Aku Benci)" explores the complex dynamics of love and hate, showcasing Antikolor's creativity in producing new work. The song, driven by an easy listening Pop Punk arrangement, uniquely incorporates elements of Ska, Reggae, and Dangdut. This latest release stands as a testament to Antikolor's consistency and innovation following their "Playground" album. "We are very excited to share 'A.C.A.B (Aku Cinta Aku Benci)' with our listeners. This song is worth the wait," said Robby, the vocalist of Antikolor. Mamai, the bassist and producer of the track, added, "In t

#BreakingNews : LOCKDOWN Unveils New Single "No More Salvation" and Details Album Concept

In a riveting announcement, LOCKDOWN, the prominent Deathcore band, has dropped their latest single titled "No More Salvation" on digital platforms this November 2023. Following the success of their previous release, "Cosmic Genocide," in July 2023, the band is gearing up for their upcoming album slated for release in 2024. "No More Salvation" promises to captivate listeners with its dark and haunting atmosphere, transporting them into a dystopian timeline. The lyrics, penned by vocalist Satria Sandy, delve into a bleak perspective of impending doom brought upon by unidentified extraterrestrial forces, surpassing modern technology and resources to inflict relentless agony and suffering upon Earth and its inhabitants. LOCKDOWN's musical identity draws inspiration from renowned acts like Thy Art Is Murder, Aversion Crown, and Chelsea Grin, among others, showcasing their commitment to the Deathcore genre. The band comprises Sandy o

#BreakingNews : Adri Releases Debut EP "The Monster Inside Me", Showcasing Solo Career Versatility

On May 19, 2023, Adri launched his first EP, "The Monster Inside Me", marking a significant milestone in his solo career. The EP features collaborations, including a notable performance by Fabiano Negri. The track “Toho, The Space Ninja” was entirely executed and produced by Adri himself. Interestingly, the English tracks on the EP were composed before the Portuguese songs Adri released prior to "The Monster Inside Me". Adri, who previously sang and played bass for the band Bayhall, officially began his solo journey in September 2022 with the single “Eu Que Lute”. Following this, he released several singles, including “Templo do Sol”, “Não Vou Parar”, and “A Caverna”, demonstrating his relentless dedication to his new musical venture. Contact: IG: @adri_esteves_ PR Agency: Hell Yeah Music

#BreakingNews : Florianópolis-Based Black Metal Band VOORISH Releases Debut Single "You Are Nothing"

Emerging black metal band VOORISH has unveiled their debut single "You Are Nothing" on their official YouTube channel. The band, formed in mid-2021, aims to channel the dark emotions stirred by the pandemic into their music. Comprised of members Juliano dos Santos “Devil From Chaos” (vocals), Wellington Rodrigues de Oliveira “Servus Inferni” (guitar), Gustavo Kretzer “Scepticismi Defensoris” (bass), and Igor Thiesen “Umbra Entitatis” (drums), VOORISH explores themes of Satanism, occultism, and misanthropy in their work. The single marks the first release from their upcoming debut album, "Voorish," which will be released track by track. "You Are Nothing" features a music video directed by Iandro Antônio, who has a long-standing collaboration with vocalist Juliano dos Santos. The video captures the intense and dark essence of the band's message. In an interview with Rifferama, Juliano dos Santos explained the inspiration behind their music, highlighting

#BreakingNews : Rising Heavy Metal Titans AGAINST EVIL Announce New Album "Give 'Em Hell"

Visakhapatnam, India - AGAINST EVIL, the heavy metal band known for their electrifying sound and high-energy performances, is set to unleash their much-anticipated new album, "Give 'Em Hell," on July 12th. This release will be available via Doc Gator Records in Europe and independently for the rest of the world. Formed in 2014, AGAINST EVIL has built a global fan base with their unique blend of traditional heavy metal, power metal, and thrash metal. The band's discography includes an EP and two critically acclaimed full-length albums: "Fatal Assault" (2015), "All Hail the King" (2018), and "End of the Line" (2021). Their relentless touring, including two successful European tours, has solidified their reputation in the metal community. "Give 'Em Hell" marks a significant milestone for the band. The songwriting process for the album began in June 2023, shortly after their triumphant return from their s