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#BreakingNews : CROSSBONES Releases 'HIPOKRIT' EP on All Digital Streaming Platforms

After a successful physical release in 2019, Crossbones, the Alternative Rock/Grunge band from Metro, Lampung, has finally released their EP 'HIPOKRIT' on all digital streaming platforms. Originally launched as a limited edition CD box set, the EP is now available on Joox, Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, Deezer, and more. Crossbones, consisting of Aris (vocals), Amar (guitar), Agus (bass), and Wawan (drums), brings a mix of Alternative, Grunge, Rock, and Punk in this five-track EP. The tracks, titled 'Hipokrit', 'Arogansi Manusia', 'Cheater', 'Berita Televisi', and 'Persekusi', feature raw distortion sounds and signature "Seattle Sound" effects. The band, known for their bold socio-political lyrics, recorded the EP at Bipi Studio, with Aris handling mixing and mastering. Despite facing some censorship, their message resonates strongly with listeners, fueling their support for the band’s uncompromisin

BreakingNews : NEVERMINE Releases Anticipated Second Single "Sailing Away"

Rising Pop Punk band NEVERMINE, hailing from Klaten, Central Java, has released their highly anticipated second single, "Sailing Away." Formed in January 2022, the band has quickly made a name for themselves by reviving the Pop Punk scene with energetic covers and original music. Following the success of their debut single "Sweet 20" in 2023, Nevermine's latest release, "Sailing Away," hit music platforms on July 5, 2024. The song tells the poignant story of a separated couple, where one person hopes to rekindle their relationship, only to face rejection from the other who has found inner peace and moved on. Despite its melancholic narrative, "Sailing Away" is delivered with the band's signature upbeat Pop Punk style, aiming to uplift listeners and inspire them to sing along with renewed vigor. Comprising members Yismaya (vocals), Andre (guitar), Wawan (guitar), Ian (bass), and Yudhis (keyboard), Nevermine continue

#BreakingNews : QUEEN KILLER Embraces Life in Debut Album "Meruncing Ke Bawah Tumpul Ke Atas"

Sukabumi's alternative rock band, QUEEN KILLER, has officially released their debut mini album "Meruncing Ke Bawah Tumpul Ke Atas" in 2024. The band, now consisting of Rupa Aglis (vocals & guitar) and Dellyna Putri (bass), addresses significant societal issues through their music.  The album features three new tracks: "Meruncing Ke Bawah Tumpul Ke Atas," "Huru-Hara," and "Parantheses Waktu," alongside previously released singles “Predestinasi” and “Kalopsia.”  "Meruncing Ke Bawah Tumpul Ke Atas," the opening track, critiques the inconsistency of legal justice, inspired by a controversial ongoing case involving a police officer's murder. The second track, "Huru-Hara," protests against human rights violations with powerful lyrics. The final track, "Parantheses Waktu," reflects on the transient nature of life and the inevitability of its beginning and end. The mini album was produced

#BreakingNews : EDEN ADVERSARY Drops Highly-Anticipated Debut Album "Kingdom ov Heresy"

EDEN ADVERSARY, the enigmatic Symphonic Deathcore band known for their masked performances and all-black attire, has released their debut album titled "Kingdom ov Heresy" on June 22, 2024. This much-anticipated album was released under Interlude Records, a label based in Malang. Formed in 2019, Eden Adversary has made a significant impact on the underground music scene, releasing four singles between 2019 and 2022, accompanied by both lyric videos and official music videos. These singles have been re-recorded and re-arranged to be included in their debut album. "Kingdom ov Heresy" features ten tracks that blend the intense sounds of Deathcore with classical orchestral elements. The album conceptually explores apocalyptic themes inspired by religious scriptures and hadith, reimagined through a dark, speculative lens by the band's songwriter. Currently, Eden Adversary is promoting their album through a nationwide tour in 2024, performing at

#BreakingNews : Bandung's Rock Band POOLI Releases Captivating New Album "Passion and Emotion"

The acclaimed rock band from Bandung, Pooli, is proud to announce the release of their latest album, "Passion and Emotion." The album, which launched on June 28, 2024, is now available on all major streaming platforms. "Passion and Emotion" takes listeners on a profound musical journey exploring the full spectrum of human emotions. Through a harmonious blend of captivating melodies and powerful lyrics, the album immerses the audience in a world filled with love, passion, sadness, and joy. "Each song on this album is a reflection of colorful and emotional life experiences," the band stated. "We hope listeners can feel the intensity and honesty of every note and word we present." The album features 13 tracks, including the hit single "Fvckin’ Goodnight," which has received a warm reception from fans and music critics alike. With its rich musical arrangements and stirring vocals, "Passion and Emotion" is s

#BreakingNews : ELEEVEN TWENTYTWO Releases Debut Single "RISE"

ELEEVEN TWENTYTWO, a post-hardcore band based in northern Bali, has made their mark on the music scene with the release of their debut single "RISE." Formed in early 2023, the band consists of five members: Wahyu Juliarta on vocals, Joseph on bass, Rama and Wahyu Sucipta on guitars, and Krisna on drums. The single "RISE," which lasts 4 minutes and 42 seconds, tells the story of a group of people who refuse to surrender to their circumstances. The song conveys a powerful message of rising above challenges without fear. The release of "RISE" marks the beginning of Eleeven Twentytwo's journey towards their first EP, with more singles expected to follow. Listeners can find "RISE" on various digital music platforms. Stay tuned for more releases from Eleeven Twentytwo as they continue to carve out their place in the post-hardcore genre. Contact: IG: @eleeventwentytwo

#BreakingNews : HAYERS Releases New Single "November"

The popular band HAYERS has just released their latest single titled "November". This new track dives deep into the pain of past love stories, evoking both sorrow and nostalgia.  Released in July 2024, HAYERS invites listeners to take a trip down memory lane to the heartbreak one of their members experienced in November, a month marked by emotional turmoil and loss.  For those with their own November heartbreak stories, HAYERS encourages you to share and connect.  Stay tuned for more updates on this heart-rending release. Contact: IG: @thehayers_