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#BreakingNews : BALI HEADBANGER MUSIC Releases "Jingle Compilation 2024" Featuring Diverse Metal Genres

Bali Headbanger Music (BHM) has just released a new compilation album titled "Jingle Compilation 2024" from 1921 Baliheadbanger Online Radio (1921BHOR). This album features nine new tracks, with both music and lyrics crafted by @brutalsick. Among these is a special track dedicated to the 19-21 Bali Corpsegrinder music community. The compilation also includes a classic jingle "Our Pride" created by Ivan from the band After Masehi. Each track in the album presents a unique musical style, ranging from death metal, power metal, and hardcore to rapcore. The lyrics reflect 1921BHOR's commitment to supporting the underground music movement, particularly in the rock and metal genres.  Fans can enjoy this compilation for free on Bali Headbanger Music's Bandcamp page. This release underscores 1921BHOR's dedication to fostering and sustaining the underground music scene. Enjoy the new tracks and support 1921BHOR to ensure it remains on the air indefinit

#BreakingNews : KONZTITUSI Releases Debut EP "Inhuman Sights"

Konztitusi, the hardcore band known for their experimental approach, has officially released their debut EP titled "Inhuman Sights E.P" today. Formed in 2021, this highly anticipated release marks a significant milestone for the band after three years of development. "Inhuman Sights E.P" features a blend of hardcore music and socially reflective lyrics. The lead single, "Living in Slavery," stands out with its poignant commentary on social and humanitarian issues, resonating with the band's real-life experiences and observations. Recorded at Playrecords Studio Jakarta by Nabiel Sungkar, the EP showcases a unique style that aims to establish Konztitusi as one of the most intriguing and innovative bands in the hardcore scene. The band's approach integrates influences from both old-school and contemporary music, creating a distinct sound that reflects their broad musical references. Konztitusi, founded by four high school stude

#BreakingNews : AIMLESS Launches Debut Mini Album "Hope You Feel The Suffering"

Subang-based hardcore unit AIMLESS, known for their heavy and aggressive sound infused with dark tones, has just released their debut mini album titled "Hope You Feel The Suffering" on May 1, 2024, through Keeprawk Records. Formed in 2020 and first gaining attention with their demo single "DEVASTATED," AIMLESS continues to explore the depths of hardcore music. Their new EP features five tracks that dive into life's struggles, social unrest, and personal turmoil, delivering a powerful and meaningful narrative. The EP, crafted over a lengthy period starting from October 2022, showcases the band's relentless dedication despite individual commitments and mid-project conceptual changes. The journey begins with a heavy and dark 'Intro' and leads into 'Suffering,' characterized by sharp riffs and angry vocals.  A notable collaboration on the EP is with Faiq Nurfratama of 'Punitive' on the track 'Pretend,' which blends fas

#BreakingNews : Boneripper to Release Debut Full-Length Album 'World Ablaze' on May 24, 2024

BONERIPPER, a brutal metallic hardcore band from the northern Netherlands, has announced the release of their debut full-length album, 'World Ablaze,' set for May 24, 2024. This album follows their 6-track debut EP 'Vengeance & Forgiveness,' which was released in January 2023. 'World Ablaze' showcases the band's evolution, delivering their most brutal and aggressive work to date. The album addresses a world in crisis, tackling themes such as war, climate change, fake news, discrimination, religious extremism, and societal hatred. Boneripper aims to capture the chaos and despair of our times, while also exploring how individuals can persevere through such challenges. Boneripper comprises members from well-known bands Manu Armata, 13Steps, and Bladecrusher, with three of the five members being brothers. With their extensive experience in the scene, Boneripper builds on the foundations of their previous bands, delivering fury through heavy riffs

#BreakingNews : STOWAWAY Releases New Single "The Imminent Will Come Soon"

South Tangerang's melodic punk band, Stowaway, has just dropped their third single, "The Imminent Will Come Soon," on March 22, 2024. Fans can now listen to the new track on various digital music platforms including Spotify, YouTube Music, and Apple Music. Accompanying the release is a compelling music video available on Stowaway's official YouTube channel. Formed in 2020, Stowaway consists of four members: Uta (Vocals & Guitar), Jikur (Guitar), Chikmaw (Bass), and Gilang (Drums). Known for blending punk with other genres such as reggae and jazz, the band’s lyrics often address the struggles and anxieties faced by those over 25. Influenced by bands like Rufio, The Offspring, Dustbox, Totalfat, and Four Get Me a Nots, Stowaway continues to push the boundaries of melodic punk. "The Imminent Will Come Soon" captures the feelings of despair and hopelessness one faces, ultimately delivering a message of courage and resilience. The trac

#BreakingNews : KOMONARCY Releases Third Album Boxset and Music Video

Kupang, Nusa Tenggara Timur – The underground music scene of Timor Island witnesses a significant event as Komonarcy, the renowned band from Kupang, releases their third album boxset on January 19, 2024. The physical release is accompanied by a simultaneous digital launch and the premiere of the music video "Saksi Bisu Anarkis" on May 1, 2024, celebrating Labor Day. The new album, titled "THE MARK OF THE BEAST [MxOxB]," features 14 tracks that blend Punk, Hardcore, Grind, Thrash Metal, and horror punk. Formed in August 2020, Komonarcy emerged in a region with minimal underground movement, driven by the members' desire to address political and environmental issues in Nusa Tenggara Timur through their music. Komonarcy was conceived by Roy, Putra, and Ganex, who were inspired by their discussions on bureaucracy and their frustrations with the local system while listening to bands like The Exploited and Sepultura. The band's unique name,

#BreakingNews : STEREOCLOUD Releases Highly Anticipated Second Single "Break Up"

Stereocloud, the music group celebrated for its creative exploration, proudly announces the release of their highly anticipated second single, "Break Up." This latest track introduces a new concept with Oki, the bassist, contributing vocals in several sections, adding a unique dimension to Stereocloud's signature sound. "Break Up" delves into the emotional journey of a man who feels unworthy of his seemingly perfect partner. The song captures the complexity of self-doubt, insecurity, and the struggle to accept one's flaws when faced with an idealized image of a desired partner. Stereocloud's innovative approach to blending music genres and storytelling is evident in "Break Up," offering listeners a profound and relatable narrative. Oki's vocal integration brings depth and authenticity to the song, enhancing the overall listening experience. "We are thrilled to share 'Break Up' with our fans and the music