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WELCOME TO LAND OF GODS - 100% Pure Balinese Part 1 - Digital Compilation

#JUSTLAUNCHED #DIGITALCOMPILATION "WELCOME TO LAND OF GODS - 100% Pure Balinese Part 1" A special program that plays songs from Rock & Metal bands from the 2000-2015 era from the island of Bali. The songs on this compilation have been streamed live on: Date : WEDNESDAY, 19 APRIL 2023 Hours: 12.30 - 15.00 WIB (UTC:+7.00) Program: WELCOME TO LAND OF GODS... 100% PURE BALINESE PART 1 You can listen for FREE on our Bandcamp page: ▶️ #metalmusicbroadcast & #metalradiopromo by BALI HEADBANGER MUSIC™ @1921baliheadbanger #OnlineRadio WE CAN BE HEARD EVERYTIME EVERYWHERE AND FROM ANYWHERE 🔥🔥🔥 #welcometolandofgods #iddm #deathmetal #deathcore #baliheadbangermusic #radiometal #radioonline #grindcore #balicorpsegrinder #digitalmetalrelease #blackmetal #powerm

LIFEFORCE - Edge of Total Chaos

  The song taken from 2nd full-length album "APOKALIPSIS" was released on September 29th, 2022 BAND INFO LIFEFORCE was founded in 2003 by guitarist Alexandre Lopes and drummer Eric Carvalho, who together with vocalist Roberto Cassani and bassist Rafael Almeida went to the studio to record their debut "Lifeforce", in 2005. Aftersome line up changes and almost 20 years on the road, the band established its cast with the entry of Júnior Comperon guitars, Diego Skda on bass, Gustav Obride on drums, Matheus Cutinion keyboards and Julliano Barcelloson vocals. Alexandre Lopes, after having also played bass, currently continues working behind the scenes as Lifeforce's manager.  On 2022, Lifeforce released a second album, the apotheotic and conceptual “Apokalipsis”, which has been showing one of the great records in the history of Brazilian Heavy Metal. The band's sound is increasingly elaborated and mature, building on almost 20 years of trajectory, with an overwhel

RAVENLIGHT - Reflections

  The song taken from 2nd full-length album "IMMEMORIAL" was released on January 27th, 2023 BAND INFO Formed in 2018, RAVENLIGHT play an energetic brand of Progressive tinged Symphonic Power Metal which have gained them a reputation as one of the most exciting and unique bands to emerge from the Irish Metal scene in recent years. Starting with their 2018 EP release "End of the World", Ravenlight quickly made their mark on the local scene and further afield with a number of shows across Ireland, including an invite to support progressive metal legends EVERGREY in Dublin in March 2019. At the start of 2020, Ravenlight went back to the studio and recorded their debut album "Project Genesis", which was released in June 2020 across Europe and Japan via Novus Records, gaining positive reviews and press across the continent. Unfortunately due to the pandemic, live shows to promote the album were postponed indefinitely, however instead of resting on their laurels,

DISASTER INCEPTION - Live at The Anniversary Party 1st Year of "Doctrination of Atisamdha"

  Date: Tuesday, 16 November 2021 Hour: 18.30 - 23.00 Wita Place: Gemitir Cafe, Jimbaran - Bali Track List: 1. Gorok 2. Derita Berdarah # Use a headset or powered speakers for better sound. # BAND INFO: DISASTER INCEPTION is a band with the genre of Groove Brutal Death Metal from Karangasem, Bali. DISASTER INCEPTION was formed at the end of 2020, with the current formation namely I Komang Adi Widyantara on Drums, Komang Dwijananata (Nantha Toel) on Guitar, I Wayan Yudhi Parthama and I Kadek Yuda Prawira on Vocals. The name DISASTER INCEPTION was chosen because when the band was formed in a state of chaos due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, it was in this situation full of uncertainty that a crazy thought arose to explore more underground music by trying new things by harmonizing the hobbies of each personnel including slamming and technical. death metal. DISASTER INCEPTION in working on the material was wrapped in aggressive lyrics of Massacre Brutality, accompanied by guitar distort

MAKAM - ꦯꦺꦴꦉꦁꦓ꧀ꦟꦶ (Sorèng Gni) | Video Lyric

  The latest single was released by digital on October 28, 2022 BAND INFO MAKAM, formed in 1995 in Solo City, is a band that emphasizes the combination of basic metal elements with Javanese pentatonic tones. Makam is one of the bands that pioneered the Javanese Black Metal wave. They are still active today and to commemorate their 27th anniversary, they have just released a single on October 28, 2022 entitled "SORÈNG GNI" with latest line-up: Tony Deniaz (guitars), Julious Kamadath (drums), Djomboth Andreas (guitars) and Djiwo T. Ratriarkha (vocals/lyrics).  ABOUT SORÈNG GNI:  Aside from being known as Humana Aksara, humans also fulfill their nature as Humana Gni. In the past, the inner flame has been used as a means of healing as well as a means of self-protection. In the Javanese Kawisesan, besides controlling the flame requires mastery of kanuragan, the advanced stages of lampah practice are also needed to guide us to the knowledge of where the nodes of the flame are enthr

KALIGULA - Live at "JAMMING SESSION #6" | Sunday, October 9th, 2022

  This was the last KALIGULA show I watched, before finally Vendit the guitarist decided to resign at the end of January 2023, followed by the band leader, Monot the drummer who also resigned in early February 2023. Hopefully this is not the end of KALIGULA, because we are PRAETORIANS  still expecting their brutal works.  - by Ki Barak Selem aka Brutalsick Event Organizer: Student Band Activity Unit, Politeknik Negeri Bali Place: Widya Chandra Building, Campus of Politeknik Negeri Bali, Jimbaran, Badung - Bali Date: Sunday, October 9th, 2022 # Use a headset or powered speakers for better sound. #  Media Social/Contact Kaligula: IG: FB: Video recorded & edited by @brutalsick with #vivo_v21 of @vivo_indonesia #metalradiopromo supported by  @1921baliheadbanger #OnlineRadio    https://tiktok.c


  Place:  HALUAN COFFEE @haluancoffee Jl. Nangka Selatan No. 58, Denpasar - Bali # Use a headset or powered speakers for better sound. #  INFERNAL CORPSE is a Death Metal band from Ubud-Bali, ID which has been formed since 2000. Media Social/Contact IG: FB: Video recorded & edited by @brutalsick with #vivo_v21 of @vivo_indonesia #metalradiopromo supported by @1921baliheadbanger #OnlineRadio  WE CAN BE HEARD EVERYWHERE AND FROM ANYWHERE 🔥🔥🔥 --------------------- Statement / Disclaimer!! All songs / music played on this online radio are NOT our property. All song / music copyrights belong to the band concerned. We ask that you respect the intellectual property rights of musicians and the work they do. PLEASE SUPPORT THEM BY PURCHASING ONLY AUTHORIZED

TERRA - Let It Burn

Taken from Debut album "HYPERCUBE" was released on November 19th, 2021. BAND INFO TERRA is a musical, audiovisual and artistic experience that translates the personality and experiences of the Brazilian composer and multi-instrumentalist, Lucas Barbosa, into musical pieces, resulting in a musical journey for those who love music, trips and music trips.  In his first studio record album in 2021, "HYPERCUBE", encompassing influences from countless musical aspects and experiences extracted from Lucas's numerous trips around the world and his vast musical knowledge. In addition to composing all of Terra's songs, in "Hypercube", Lucas Barbosa was responsible for performing the Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Nylon Guitar, Steel Guitar, Twelve String Guitar, Caipira Viola, Charango, Pan Flute (Andean Flute) , Thai Bongo, Harmonica, Horn, Castanets, Moringa, Whistle, Piano and Percussions. In 2022, Max Cardoso joined Terra and became responsible for the band's

AYOWA - Keterpurukan | Official Video Clip

  The 7th Single was premiered on April 3rd 2023 by 1921Baliheadbanger Online Radio PRESS RELEASED After releasing her 6th single "Sinar Alam" on 01 March 2023, AYOWA, a Gothic Metal Female Vocalist from Central Lombok - NTB, again continues to create new songs with the release of her 7th single entitled "KETERPURUKAN", and again, she is still working with Bintang Dwinanda aka Bibin (Black Demon Records) who is in charge of made the music arrangement for this song.  CREDIT Title : Keterpurukan Type: 7th Single Lyric & all vocal: Ayowa Music/composer/arranger: Bintang Dwinanda (Black Demon Records) CONTACT/MEDIA SOCIAL Link : #videoclip made by @brutalsick #metalradiopromo supported by @1921baliheadbanger #OnlineRadio  WE CAN BE HEARD EVERYTIME EVERYWHERE AND FROM ANYWHERE 🔥🔥🔥 ---