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WARKVLT - Merdeka | Edition for Indonesia's 76th Independence Day

Darahmu tumpah di tanah pusaka. Jiwamu mengawal tegaknya Indonesia. Engkau pahlawanku. Engkau kusuma negaraku.  Seluruh staf @1921BaliHeadbanger mengucapkan..... Selamat HUT ke-76 Republik Indonesia... Dirgahayu RI...  Indonesia Tangguh... Indonesia Tumbuh !!! Dalam rangkat merayakan HUT Kemerdekaan RI yang ke-76 dengan bangga @1921baliheadbanger mempersembahkan: WARKVLT - Merdeka (remixed version) Aslinya merupakan lagu yang diambil dari album "Merdeka" yang sudah dirilis sejak awal tahun 2021. Video konsep oleh @brutalsick Video creator oleh Prisma @thefakekids Lagu adalah hak cipta dari @thetruewarkvlt Video latar diambil dari berbagai sumber di internet. Terima kasih kepada: @abahsupri - atas ijin dan dukungannya untuk penggunaan lagu "Merdeka" @agusyankky - atas doanya ­čśů ------------------------ Your blood spilled on the heritage land. Your soul is guarding the establishment of Indonesia. You are my hero. You are my country. The entire staff @ 1921BaliHeadbang

TRIBE OF PAZUZU - Summoning Rituals

Taken from EP "King Of All Demons" was released on March 6,2020 BAND INFO Tribe of Pazuzu, the band featuring Flo Mounier (Cryptopsy, Vltimas), Randy Harris (ex-Macification), and Nick Sagias (Soulstorm, ex-Pestilence), was released their new EP King of all Demons on March 6, 2020 which also features some additional vocals from John McEntee (Incantation). McEntee was originally a member of Tribe of Pazuzu, but had to take "a step back due to time constraints." King of all Demons was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Cryptopsy guitarist Christian Donaldson at The Grid studio in Montreal.  MEDIA SOCIAL IG: FB: Intrigued by their songs? Listen to their other songs @1921baliheadbanger and Play it here... 》》 Or watch other videos on STAY TUNE... STAY METAL!! --------------------- Statement / Disclaimer!! All songs / music played o

CHAOSFURY - The Throne Of Poseidon (radio version) | Exclusive to @1921BALIHEADBANGER

Taken from the first full-length album "The Throne Of Poseidon" was released on October 10, 2019 by Horrible Creation. BAND INFO The Throne Of Poseidon is the title of the first album from a Death Metal Band from South Tangerang - Indonesia, namely CHAOSFURY, this album raises the theme of the power of the sea god Poseidon. The first album was released on October 10, 2019 by Horrible Creation. CHAOSFURY Formed since 2010 which was worked on by Abba, before the release of the album chaosfury had released a promo demo containing 2 tracks which was released by Eastbreath Records in 2015 with members: Andi (Vocal), Abba (Guitar), Arga (Drums), Arya (Bass), Yusuf (Guitar). Throughout the journey of Chaosfury's music, they often changed personnel until they were working on the first album, Chaosfury's first album took a lot of time because they had to find replacements for new personnel. In Chaosfury's first album, the personnel involved were: Andi (Vocal), Abba (Bass),

ASHTAROTHUM - Circle Of Death (radio version) | Exclusive to @1921BALIHEADBANGER

  Taken from the upcoming full-length album "Dark Perfection" will be released in 2021 by Sadist Record Band Info: Ashtarothum is a Black Metal band from Bandung, West Java. The band was founded in 1996, but since the end of 1999 Ashtarothum vacuum. Not active for a dozen years, finally in 2015 Ashtarothum again bounced back to enliven the Black Metal scene in Indonesia. Then Ashtarothum make some single songs, including "Ishtar Warrior" was released in 2018 and in 2020 released a single titled song "Circle Of Death". In 2021 Ashtarothum will release debut full-lenght album entitled "Dark Perfection" will be produced by Sadist Record. Members: Asht - everything (1996 - present) Media Social: IG: FB: Contact: Intrigued by their songs? Listen to their other songs @1921baliheadbanger and Play it here... 》》 Or


  Bringing songs from their last album "Doctrination Of Atisamdha" which was released in November 2020 by BrutalMind Records Tracklists: 1. Intro 2. Candala 3. Retorika Elite 4. Idealis Para Pemangsa 5. Enigma Genosida 6. Warfare 7. Alegori BAND MEMBER: FAJAR - Vokal ADE - Bass VENDIT - Guitar MONOTEIS - Drum # Use a headset or powered speakers for better sound. # IG Band - TIME TO HEADBANGING OPEN AIR MUSIC PARTY is a special METAL music event concert organized by @1921baliheadbanger and @thegitabortus (LAZER WARUNG MUSIK) Date: Sunday, October 24, 2021 Hours: 17.30 - 20.30 WITA (UTC: +8.00) Place: Lazer Warung Musik, Penatahan Village, Penebel District, Tabanan Regency - Bali. This event has also been broadcast live on #1921BALIHEADBANGER online radio Video recorded and edited by @brutalsick Video recorded with Vivo Y12 #vivoindonesia  # STAY TUNE... & LET'S HEADBANGING! #metalradiopromo supported by  1921 Bali Headbanger #OnlineRad

PEJAM - Ketakutan Dalam Sebuah Ingatan (radio version) | Exclusive to @1921BALIHEADBANGER

  Taken from the EP “A Nation Of Heartfelt” released in digital on July 22, 2021 BAND INFO PEJAM is a one man project band founded by Pathos aka Rinjani Reza in 2019 in Bogor, West Java. This band carries the concept of Post Black Metal music. His music is inspired by Deafheaven, Alcest, RadioHead, Lantlos, Mono, to Dissection. After almost two years, in 2021, Pejam recorded their first EP entitled “A Nation Of Heartfelt” and contains 2 songs, namely: “Ketakutan Dalam Sebuah Ingatan” (9:45 minutes duration) and “Dibelenggu Angkuh Kita Pada Persimpangan” (long 10:50 minutes). The theme of the song's lyrics is taken from the story of personal life. The story of a depressed state where at that time Pathos felt like ending his life, was frustrated by the situation, to a story about the effects of drugs that made his life feel like he wasn't doing well. Finally, Pathos is now awake and healed, having managed to go through the saddest phase of his life. During the recording, Firdi as