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SABDO PALON - Atlantis Jawa Dwipa

  Taken from latest EP "Atlantis Jawa Dwipa" was released by digital on March 2022 BAND INFO SABDO PALON is a metal band domiciled in Yogyakarta that has been formed since May 2019. They play the concept of "Javanese Mythological Metal", which is metal music that tells about Javanese mythology.  They have published as many as 9 songs, which are divided into two EP albums on the online platform Youtube, namely: the EP Album "Sirna Hilang Kertaning Bumi" and the EP Album "Atlantis Jawa Dwipa". BAND MEMBER FORMATION: - Richo Joyoboyo: Scream Vocal - Putra Nuswantoro: Lead Guitar + Clean Vocal - Parmun Bodronoyo: Rhythm Guitar - Miko Jowo Dwipo: Bass - Dewo Ronggowarsito: Drum MEDIA SOCIAL /  CONTACT: FB Page: FB: WhatsApp: +62 857 3146 7743 / +62 857 4368 2958 E-mail: #Audioclip made by @brutalsick #metalradiopromo supported by @1921baliheadban

AGE OF ARTEMIS - Helping Hand

  Taken from full-length album "Monomyth" was released on 2019. BAND INFO AGE OF ARTEMIS is a Heavy Metal band from Brasilia, capital of Brazil. It started its activities in 2008, the year of the release of the demo "Fields Of Ascencion". In 2011, Edu Falaschi (ex Angra) was invited to produce the first album. The recordings and production process resulted in the creation of the explosive album "Overcoming Limits" (2011). With all the exposure in magazines and websites, AGE OF ARTEMIS was chosen as the new 2011 band, according to websites and specialized magazines. In 2014, the second album "The Waking Hour" was released. Like the debut, "The Waking Hour" was also released in Japan by King Records Label. Both got marvelous reviews from the specialized media. This resulted in two covers for "Rock Meeting" magazine and interviews for Brazilian TV programs. In that same year, the band performed the waking hour tour in a practical

ALLA XUL - Beneath The Cosmic Terrors

  The single taken from up-coming debut album entitled "Endured in Grief" will be released on middle of 2022 BAND INFO ALLA XUL has been formed since 2019, they are the deepest dark project of the old generation of Metalhead Jakarta, outside of their active band. This band is just a project that can be called non-existent. They call it unknown black metal with a blasphemy theme. Formed only to enliven the repertoire of Nusantara Black metal which is getting more and more powerful and unstoppable. In 2022, Alla Xul will release a debut album entitled "Endured in Grief". ALLA XUL are: A - Vocal L - Guitar, vocals L - Bass A - Drums, vocals CONTACT / MEDIA SOCIAL FB: Audioclip made by @brutalsick #metalradiopromo supported by @1921baliheadbanger #OnlineRadio  WE CAN BE HEARD EVER


  # Use a headset or powered speakers for better sound. #  SONG LIST: Deserve  Paradigma Manusia Date: Friday, 20th May 2022 Time: 19.00 - 24.00 WITA  Place: Gemitir Bar & Patry, Jimbaran - Bali, ID LUDICIA is a project band from Kumz and Chanz who have the same taste in music and want to make something different, in the midst of making song materials, they invite Chriz as vocalist in this band, his presence adds a different nuance because Chriz's vocal character is not like their reference metal bands, but the character tends to be hardcore. Now they have been selected as one of the finalists for BIG 5 OF W:O:A Metal Battle Indonesia 2022 representing Bali. CONTACT / MEDIA SOCIAL: IG: FB: Video recorded by @brutalsick with #vivo_v21 of @vivo_indonesia #metalradiopromo supported by @1921baliheadbanger #OnlineRadio https://you

RAVENBLAST - Prophesied False Savior

  The first Single was released by digital on Youtube since March 2022 BAND INFO Ravenblast was founded in 2004 as Ravenwinter by Nokturnhor, Agnium Rad, and RVX-I7.  In 2008 Ravenwinter decided to break up. In 2010 Nokturnhor changed the name to Ravenblast and only performed for reunion live shows. In 2019 the founding members reunited and started to write new material, re-recorded old songs. Their music features black and death metal rhythms enhanced by the prominent use of symphonic instrument, synthesizer and modern effect. CONTACT / MEDIA SOCIAL IG: FB: Audioclip made by @brutalsick #metalradiopromo supported by @1921baliheadbanger #OnlineRadio  WE CAN BE HEARD EVERYTIME EVERYWHERE AND FROM ANYWHERE 🔥🔥🔥 --------------------- Statement / Disclaimer

TIME TO HEADBANGING "Balidwipa Jayamahe" Bali Underground Compilation

In order to support the development of local Balinese (Rock & Metal Underground) bands, online radio 1921BALIHEADBANGER in collaboration with TIKOES KECEMPLOENG PRODS is proud to present: TIME TO HEADBANGING "Balidwipa Jayamahe" Bali Underground Compilation Release date: 12 - 12 - 2022 15 Rock & Metal Bands from Bali - Indonesia #punkrock #hardcore #metalcore #deathmetal #doommetal #crustygrind #blackmetal Track List: [title - band] Slitting Abominable - DISASTER INCEPTION Protest - CRIMINAL ASSHOLE Cannibal - HOLEGORE When Darkness Comes Suddenly - BALZABUTH Leak - GOREHATE Positive Optimism - THE ERROR PROJECT Determination V - FADTHRILLS Pengiwa - WRONG Profanity of Sarcasm - STORMHOUR Pedanda Amangan Wangke - WRONG Dandelions - ARTICULATE It's Been 5 Years - BLADE OF DESPAIR Lost Direction - MINE Genocide - DEATH HARMONY Searching for Causes - CYCLOPS Cover Artwork done by Ajung Anom CORPSE SIGN @ajunganom TTH logo by Dede Suhita @inhumanart_official ORDER NOW