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Taken from full-length album "Monomyth" was released on 2019.


AGE OF ARTEMIS is a Heavy Metal band from Brasilia, capital of Brazil. It started its activities in 2008, the year of the release of the demo "Fields Of Ascencion". In 2011, Edu Falaschi (ex Angra) was invited to produce the first album. The recordings and production process resulted in the creation of the explosive album "Overcoming Limits" (2011). With all the exposure in magazines and websites, AGE OF ARTEMIS was chosen as the new 2011 band, according to websites and specialized magazines. In 2014, the second album "The Waking Hour" was released. Like the debut, "The Waking Hour" was also released in Japan by King Records Label. Both got marvelous reviews from the specialized media. This resulted in two covers for "Rock Meeting" magazine and interviews for Brazilian TV programs. In that same year, the band performed the waking hour tour in a practically sold out concert in the city of SÃo Paulo. In 2015, the band fulfilled the dream of playing in one of the most famous festivals in the world The 30th Edition of Rock in Rio. such performance brought notoriety to the band throughout Brazil. In 2017 the song "Unknown Strength" marks a new era for the band. The afore mentioned song was the gateway to the new album that would be released in 2019. "Monomyth" defined AGE OF ARTEMIS as one of the patrimonies of Brazilian metal. This album was also released in Japan, and was considered to be the best representation of the band, given the maturity in songwriting and the personality that was expressed in the twelve tracks. In 2021 despite being an atypical year, AGE OF ARTEMIS brought some positiveness through their new album. To celebrate the 10-yearrelease of overcoming limits (2011), the band AGE OF ARTEMIS decides to surprise fans by presenting "Overcoming 10 Years", their first acoustic album. The concept of this album is not just to turn off the guitars, but to bring new versions of songs that were part of the history of the metal scene in Brazil. In addition to these versions, AGE OF ARTEMIS also brought a brand-new track called *Healing Wounds". The new song highlights all the characteristics that made AGE OF ARTEMIS one of the best metal bands in Brazil and in the world.






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