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PARANOID DESPIRE - Cataclysmic (radio version) | Exclusive to @1921BALIHEADBANGER

  Taken from the second full-length album "Majasty" was released on 2018 Biography: Paranoid Despire was founded in 2011. A group of youths tried to participate in the Surakarta underground scene and tried to create the result of an idea by voicing it through the rhythm of Death Metal music. They have released 2 albums, Nebulous (2016) which is labeled by Hitam Kelam Record, and Majasty 2018 which is self-released, both of which have the same common thread, namely the concept of mythology. The process of the third album is still ongoing with the same line-up and will soon enter the recording studio. The latest single Bleeding Blade premiered via Youtube on December 5, 2020, is a little leak for the third album. Line up: Andrian.kokom (Vocals), Yoga (Drums) Wahyu (Guitars) Fais (Bass) Media Social/Contact: IG: FB: 📞 +62 882-1547-9824 Email: #metalradiopromo supported by @192

DYING FETUS - Praise The Lord (Opium Of The Masses) | Live in BALI | 16th September 2010 - Part 1

  Band: DYING FETUS Song Title: Praise The Lord (Opium Of The Masses) Event: South East Asia Tours 2010 Location: Akasaka Club, Denpasar - Bali Date: 16th September 2010 Video Shooted by Mr. Sidiek Prastowo of BLEEDING SOUL PRODUCTION Video copyright © Bleeding Soul Production -  Bali _________________________ Wanna to listen to a lots of Rock & Metal musics everyday? Stay tune only at: @1921baliheadbanger Online Radio WE CAN BE HEARD EVERYWHERE AND FROM ANYWHERE 🔥🔥🔥 #dyingfetus #southeastasiatour2010 #bali #metalgigs #menolaklupa #refusetoforget

CRANIAL TORMENT - Mutually Assured Cannibalism (Feat. Larry Wang of Gorepot)

  Taken from the EP "Blood Dome" was released on May 24th, 2021 by Vile Tapes Records BAND INFO Cranial Torment is a Modern Brutal Death Metal band from Italy and USA, featuring members of Dimesional Decay and Astral Emptiness. Active from 2020, the debut EP has been released under Vile Tapes Records on May 24th, 2021. MEMBER Tristan Groves - Vocals, Lyrics Andrea Maggioni - Guitars, Production Riccardo Lolli - Drums CONTACT BAND IG: FB: Web: #metalradiopromo supported by @1921baliheadbanger Online Radio WE CAN BE HEARD EVERYWHERE AND FROM ANYWHERE 🔥🔥🔥 --------------------- Statement / Disclaimer!! All songs / music played on this online radio are NOT our property. All song / music copyrights belong to the band concerned. We ask that you respect

LAMASHTUS - Manifestations Of Phantasmagoria

  Taken from upcoming album titled " Insentient Ascendancy" and was released by digital since May 15, 2021 BAND INFO Lamashtus delivers Avant-Garde black Metal which invokes intense claustrophobic and ominous feelings. Heavily influenced by a combination of dissonance and Dark Jazz, bringing forth a sound that can be described as unsettling, eerie, and grisly. The concept of this project is to differ itself from others, yet remaining true to the very essence of Black Metal. This band is inspired and influenced by the following: Deathspell Omega, Portal, Virus, Imperial Trumpaint, Ved Buens Ende, and many more. My latest album titled " Insentient Ascendancy" is a major step in terms of production and style. Focused on progression, technicality and speed, but maintaining the chaos and dissonance, followed by some experimentation. CONTACT IG: #metalradiopromo supported by @1921baliheadbanger Online Radio https://baliheadbanger.b

HYSTERORRHEXIS - Innards Disclosed (radio version) | Exclusive to @1921BALIHEADBANGER

Taken from debut album "Maggots Infest the Limb" was released on January 21, 2021 by Dismembered Records PRESS RELEASE Malang based brutal death metal HYSTERORRHEXIS, finally finished their debut studio album entitled "Maggots Infest the Limb" Contain 9 tracks of Pathological Blasting Sickness. Artwork done by Rio Oscaryzm Art and available in 2 jewelcase versions, digipak and limited cassettes tape. For fans of Orchidectomy and Pustulated, don't miss one out !!  BAND INFO Hysterorrhexis is taken from medical terminology which means rupture of the uterus. This band comes from the city of Malang, East Java, Indonesia. Originally formed in 2015 under the name Orchidopexy. Due to many considerations finally changed its name to Hysterorrhexis in 2018. Hysterorrhexis originally consisted of Cepit on vocals, Deff on guitar, and Okik on drums. Due to his busy schedule at work, Andre has to be replaced by Andre. And not long after, Frando was also recruited to fill the