PEJAM - Ketakutan Dalam Sebuah Ingatan (radio version) | Exclusive to @1921BALIHEADBANGER


Taken from the EP “A Nation Of Heartfelt” released in digital on July 22, 2021


PEJAM is a one man project band founded by Pathos aka Rinjani Reza in 2019 in Bogor, West Java. This band carries the concept of Post Black Metal music. His music is inspired by Deafheaven, Alcest, RadioHead, Lantlos, Mono, to Dissection.

After almost two years, in 2021, Pejam recorded their first EP entitled “A Nation Of Heartfelt” and contains 2 songs, namely: “Ketakutan Dalam Sebuah Ingatan” (9:45 minutes duration) and “Dibelenggu Angkuh Kita Pada Persimpangan” (long 10:50 minutes).

The theme of the song's lyrics is taken from the story of personal life. The story of a depressed state where at that time Pathos felt like ending his life, was frustrated by the situation, to a story about the effects of drugs that made his life feel like he wasn't doing well. Finally, Pathos is now awake and healed, having managed to go through the saddest phase of his life.

During the recording, Firdi assisted PEJAM as a recording operator as well as a supporting musician to fill in the guitar parts and some feel for the song.




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