BAOBAB WIZARD - Agni Forest (full song - radio version) # exclusive for 1921 Bali Headbanger

This band mix and match many types of music in their material

Bali Island never runs out of charm, including its musical exploration. Monroe Escargot (Bass / Vocals), King Afrocalypus (Guitar / Backing Vocals), Marut Zamurat (Guitar), and Pandenomium (Drums) introduced a music group since the end of 2014. This band combines many types of music in their material. A band called Baobab Wizard was introduced and presented a mix of black metal, crusty punk, with ambient, ethnic, doom metal, sludge, stoner, and even psychedelic inserts.

Baobab Wizard has produced two EPs, and this time they are presenting their second EP titled Lost Wisdom Era II. This second EP contains six dangerous songs, of which four songs have already been featured in the first EP, and here they added two more new songs. One of the new materials from Baobab Wizard in Lost Wisdom Era II is "Honor for Triloka (Redemption Across Universe)", and Baobab Wizard collaborates with a singer named Karina. Lost Wisdom Era II which was released on cassette this time in collaboration with Dense (s) Record and Svmber Rejeki, unlike the previous EP which was released independently without any label. IG: @666.baobabwizard.666 Intrigued by their songs? Listen @1921baliheadbanger and Play it here... 》》 STAY TUNE... STAY METAL!! --------------------- Statement! All songs / music played on this online radio are NOT our property. All song / music copyrights belong to the band concerned. Pernyataan! Semua lagu / musik yang diputar di radio online ini BUKAN milik kami. Semua hak cipta lagu / musik adalah milik band yang bersangkutan.