TRIPLE SIX (Bali) - Infectious Decay #MENOLAKLUPA

Triple six, a metal band from Bali founded in 1995 in Denpasar which was originally founded by metal music enthusiasts who were members of the "DEATHRASHER 19-21 BALI CORPSEGRINDER" organization. The initial idea started from a hangout on a worn-out AM radio called RADIO YUDHA, which is headquartered at a mesra bend (a place to see girls passing by) Jalan Hayam Wuruk Denpasar. Then Jember, Wier and Dek Bens agreed to form a metal band group called TRIPLE SIX which means three numbers six. By cooperating with two personnel to complete the TRIPLE SIX formation, the following formation was formed:

Deck Bens: Bass Wier: Guitar Vondalt: Guitar Dwi: Drums Jember: Vocal

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