ECHOES OF MADNESS - Luz (radio version) | Exclusive for @1921BaliHeadbanger


Latest single released at April 15, 2021 PRESS RELEASE The passion for the good music, especially the metal music, allowed the creation of Echoes of Madness. The band’s purpose is all about the autoral work, sticked with a strong personality, gathereing influences from several styles within metal and some others genres as well. At the begining it was a simple idea on the best way “do it yourself” (from the drums to the vocals), that Edgard Junior starts to work in some old projects (a remake), and created a lot brand new ones. It was a really long period of learning and fun... some fustrations sometimes, and always finding a solution. Whatta journey, but alone! Well, it turns out that about march 2020, M. Melendez has contacted Edgard Junior, after years away. They used to be integrants of Engrave, a former Power Metal band. So, they promptly decided to run the new Project EOM! They had the work done in no time, all the vocals were replaced by Melendez with a intersting tone and adding some great new ideas into them. After some instrumentals adjustments, the songs came even more to live! All the artistc work done, there was another challenge: Producing. The duo have been learning everday about producing techniques, but not missing the mostly importante... doin’ it with passion and havin’ fun! Because first of all, for us, is tha what music is all about. The outcome of all this, ya’ll check in the main digital platforms! SINGLES: “Luz” - Released 2021-04-15 - Current single “Time” – Released 2021-03-05 “The One” - Released 2021-02-05 “Drowned in Madness” – Released 2020-12-25 Contact by Media Social IG: FB: Others: Intrigued by their songs? Listen to other songs @1921baliheadbanger and Play it here... 》》 Or watch other videos on STAY TUNE... STAY METAL!! --------------------- Statement / Disclaimer!! All songs / music played on this online radio are NOT our property. All song / music copyrights belong to the band concerned. Pernyataan! Semua lagu / musik yang diputar di radio online ini BUKAN milik kami. Semua hak cipta lagu / musik adalah milik band yang bersangkutan. #1921baliheadbanger #radioonline #onlineradio #metalradio #rockradio #baliradio#streamingradioindonesia #streamingradio #radioonlinebali #echoesofmadness