MURDER27 - Malik Grembyang (radio version) | Exclusive to @1921Baliheadbanger

Taken from full-length album "Perpetual Orgasm" released in May 2019 by Depression Records.



The beginning of the formation of the band MURDER27 on July 1, 2013 which is headquartered in Studio Melody whose personnel also have their own band. The history before Murder27 was formed was originally called PROJEX whose personnel were Rochmad Gigix (Vocals), Wahyu melody (Guitars), Dewo (Guitar), Ali Syndrome (Bass) / now Battle Head, and Drummer (Wishnu londo) Ex. Dysparenuea (2008 to 2010). Then Murder27 The band that we formed is Thrash metal with growls, screams, and flat vocals. At the end of 2018 (all recording processes have been completed) for our album, and in May 2019 we have launched the MURDER27 Album at Kampayo cafe Yogyakarta. The album is titled "Perpetual Orgasm" which was released by Depression Records. For distribution, it also collaborates with Sadist Records & Indogrind Online Store, and has been distributed throughout the country and abroad. For Next Project, we plan to make another album, hopefully in 2020 it can be done. Thus the information from us MURDER27. We will always take into consideration constructive criticisms and suggestions as well as inputs so that our creativity will be better. BAND MEMBER: ROCHMAD GIGIX : VOCALS GROWL, SCREAM, BACKING VOCALS ADIL : BASS WAHYU MELODY : GUITARS INSAN : DRUM HASTO : GUITARS BASE CAMP : STUDIO MELODY JL. IKIP PGRI 11, SONOPAKIS, BRENGOSAN RT.02. KASIHAN. BANTUL. D.I.YOGYAKARTA. INDONESIA. E-MAIL: CONTACT BANDS: 08174118652 ( ROCHMAD GIGIX / DEPRESSION RECORDS ) 0817465084 ( REVELATION MELODY / STUDIO MELODY ) Intrigued by their songs? Listen to their full song @1921baliheadbanger and Play it here... 》》 Or watch other videos on STAY TUNE... STAY METAL!! --------------------- Statement / Disclaimer!! All songs / music played on this online radio are NOT our property. All song / music copyrights belong to the band concerned. Pernyataan! Semua lagu / musik yang diputar di radio online ini BUKAN milik kami. Semua hak cipta lagu / musik adalah milik band yang bersangkutan. #1921baliheadbanger #radioonline #onlineradio #metalradio #rockradio #baliradio #streamingradioindonesia #streamingradio #radioonlinebali #murder27