DAMNATION - Withering Soulless (radio version) | Exclusive to @1921BALIHEADBANGER


Taken from Album EP "Confessed to Denounce" released at June 06, 2021by SBDC Records BAND INFO:

DAMNATION is a death metal band from Jogjakarta which was formed in 1999. They will again release their work in a mini album/EP entitled "Confessed to Denounce" on June 6, 2021. The label/Record that released this EP is SBDC Records from Russia, to be precise in Moscow. There are 5 song material contained in this EP, namely: Burned for Heresy, Worshiper Waste, Withering Souless, Crown of Abyss (tribute to Erik Lindmark) and one cover song from Gorguts, Stiff and Cold. In this EP the formation is slightly different from the previous one, this time Damnation only has 3 personnel than the personnel on the first album "The Prophet Revenge". Only Camel Damnation (bass) and Kris J Phillips (Drums) are still on this 2021 EP, for Guitar, Damnation uses a new guitarist, Ecko Haryanto. 2021 Line-up: Camel damnation (bass/voc) Kris j Philips (Drums) Ecko (guitar) MEDIA SOCIAL IG: https://instagram.com/damnation_dm Intrigued by their songs? Listen to their other songs @1921baliheadbanger and Play it here... 》》https://baliheadbanger.blogspot.com Or watch other videos on https://tinyurl.com/1921ytchannel STAY TUNE... STAY METAL!! --------------------- Statement / Disclaimer!! All songs / music played on this online radio are NOT our property. All song / music copyrights belong to the band concerned. Pernyataan! Semua lagu / musik yang diputar di radio online ini BUKAN milik kami. Semua hak cipta lagu / musik adalah milik band yang bersangkutan. #1921baliheadbanger #radioonline #onlineradio #metalradio #rockradio #baliradio #streamingradioindonesia #streamingradio #radioonlinebali #damnation