NECRO NEUTRON - Portrayer of Pest (radio version) | Exclusive to @1921BALIHEADBANGER


Taken from the second album "SEPULCHRE SATAN" was released in June 2020


In The year of our Lord Lucifer MMXV, the world witnessed the desecration without a name, an evil curse was sumoned to unlesh fear and terror in the nowadays pseudo metal world, where plastic artists rule and posers inhabit this earth.

This fearless cult was first seen in Necroripper's mind back in 1998 while still playing in other bands, Necro Neutron was a slepping giant, lyrics and liturgy were created ever since.

Due to lack of real demons in the musical process, Necro Neutron was in a cryogenic sleep. As its introspection was in process.

Seventeen is the year where Necro Neutron took form in both significance and symbolism as the year itself refers as an evil scrament, where guided by The Son Of Morning.

The primal force in the ascendancy of this Blasphemous Art over its opponents, is just pure life dedication in real and legitimate metal, feeling the fire since the early 80's and all teh way up to the nowadays disappoint. Necro Neutron is the answer for all those feebble metal wannbes that have reign in misery for so long and we do not respect nor sustain in the entire fucing globe.

Armed with a blasphemous iron will the main executioners in the trenches of hell are:

- Necroriper : BBeatitude in neutron's evil propaganda and liturgy

- P. Of Pest : Bishop in skull crushing of metal storms

- Necrosanctus : Evil deacon in the incarnation of nightmare




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