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Taken from the first full-length album "ROTTEN EXCLAMATION SHEMES" was released on July 30, 2021 by Brutal Local Wisdom - Indonesia


PHIRIMERIAL was formed in mid-2019 to be precise in July, and Rendy Caluz the originator of the band. Carrying Death Metal music with the initial formation, Rendy Caluz (Vocal), Zaenal (Guitar), Ifadilah (Drums). However, this formation did not last long and only played in the Indonesian Deathfest Chapter Subang and Pantura Underground #2 events. And after that Zaenal and Ifadillah could not continue their journey with the band, due to a lot of work and other activities that could not be left behind. At that time, Rendy Caluz the Vocalist became the only personnel who survived to this point.

In the middle of 2020, Wahyu Rohim entered to replace Zaenal's position on Guitar and at the end of 2020 Arga Haryanto (rendy's friend) came from Tangerang, and he was willing to help PHIRIMERIAL to replace Ifadillah's position, as a tempo controller in the drum position. The formation is getting stronger and more mature with the collaboration of new personnel. Rendy Caluz (Vocals), Wahyu Rohim (Guitar), Arga Haryanto (Drums) continued the process of making album material at Himo Record Studio, Subang - West Java.

With the joining of Arga Haryanto and Wahyu Rohim, it really strengthens and creates a turmoil of thoughts and bright ideas to be poured out immediately. Starting from their love of music with Death Metal nuances such as Bloodtruth, Vomit The Soul, Suffocation, Dying Fetus, and Immolation, which in the end Phirimerial was heavily influenced by the band in generating ideas for music.

Until early 2021, to be precise in January, Phirimerial returned to Himo Records to record his first album. Themed about a ruler who is greedy and thirsty for his power, "ROTTEN EXCLAMATION SHEMES" was created and collaborated with one of the labels, Brutal Local Wisdom from Indonesia as the label that houses Phirimerial in the release of this album.

July 30, 2021 is a historic day for Phirimerial, because that day is the day of the release of Phirimerial's first album entitled "Rotten Exclamation Schemes" under the auspices of Brutal Local Wisdom from Indonesia.





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