TAMAN RIOT - Fuck Isolation (radio version) | Exclusive to @1921BALIHEADBANGER


The latest single was released by digital since 24th May 2021 BAND INFO

Formed at the end of 2001 with the initial line-up of Ofvck (voc), Boin (bass), Jafet (drums), Gpenk (guitar lead), and Dede (guitar) who carried the Punk Rock genre, this has swallowed the bitter sweetness of the stage to many. stage. And was lost in 2009, finally rose again in 2016 with a new formation: Offvck: vocal Boin: bass Gpenk: guitar Doni: drums Because they feel steady with this formation, they slowly release new singles. MEDIA SOCIAL IG: https://instagram.com/tamanriot.official FB: https://facebook.com/TMRSUBANG/ #metalradiopromo supported by @1921baliheadbanger Online Radio https://baliheadbanger.blogspot.com https://youtube.com/c/1921baliheadbanger https://linktr.ee/1921baliheadbanger WE CAN BE HEARD EVERYWHERE AND FROM ANYWHERE 🔥🔥🔥 --------------------- Statement / Disclaimer!! All songs / music played on this online radio are NOT our property. All song / music copyrights belong to the band concerned. We ask that you respect the intellectual property rights of musicians and the work they do. PLEASE SUPPORT THEM BY PURCHASING ONLY AUTHORIZED EDITIONS OF THEIR SONGS. #1921baliheadbanger #radioonline #onlineradio #metalradio #rockradio #baliradio #streamingradioindonesia #streamingradio #radioonlinebali #tamanriot