FASIK - Suar di Ujung Lembah


The single from up-coming album was released on October 2021 


FASIK is a metal band from Malang city formed in May 2011. FASIK, a name that was born just like that, came from a fragment of 1 word on a piece of lyric paper for the first material. FASIK's musical style combines several metal elements such as metalcore / neo classical death metal / hardcore metal. Inspired by metal bands from America such as Unearth, August burns red, The black dahlia murder and some metal bands from the UK such as Anterior, Bleed from within, Sylosis, we really enjoy playing this type of music. We put the maximum exploration into the execution of the material, wild ideas popped up but still retaining FASIK's original root, namely metal. Over time, we experienced a lot of personnel changes, something that is probably natural for a band that has stagnated due to busyness and work. After almost 1 year of hibernation, withdrawing from the onslaught of new bands that have sprung up in Malang, finally right at the end of October this year, FASIK prepared a warm-up single before the release of their debut album . The opening single from the prepared album will feel very different from our previous releases. The single with the title “SUAR DI UJUNG LEMBAH” also marked the debut of 3 new members of FASIK. With the entry of three new personnel, the FASIK material has changed somewhat to be more fresh and modern. The execution of the material from the take process to the pure mixing-mastering is done by us at DEEP SOLITUDE RECORDS. We also do the artwork for the single to the album art ourselves. 

LINE UP 2021

Vocal: Yahan 

Guitar 1: Innot 

Guitar 2: Zamid 

Bass: Ardian 

Drum: Alfan 

Contact Person : 

Phone / WA : innot [081.252.705.569] 

Email : fasikofficial@gmail.com 

Instagram : @officialfasik 

Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyXIG... 

Soundcloud : https://m.soundcloud.com/fasik-metal 

Bandcamp : https://fasik.bandcamp.com/ 

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