GORE DIMENSION - Summoning for the Endless Obliteration (#radioversion) Exclusive to #1921BALIHEASBANGER


Taken from debut full-length album "Ethereal Realm" was released on 10 April 2021 by Coyote Records

GORE DIMENSION is a Turkish Brutal/Technical Death Metal band from Istanbul/Ankara and founded by their guitarist Ate? Baran Tüzün in 2019. The band started their musical journey by releasing their first single in 2019. Their lyrics represent death, gore and psychological themes while their music is influenced by oldschool death metal. 

On their first single “Crypt of Obscurity”, Lille Gruber of Defeated Sanity appeared on drums and Ozan Gürbüz filled in vocals. After several line-up changes, the band took its final form with five members. The group comprises vocalist Yunus Efe (ex-Decaying Purity, ex-Inhuman Depravity), drummer Eren Gürsoy (Hellsodomy, Inhuman Depravity, Infernal Carnage), guitarist Ate? Baran Tüzün (ex-Forgotten), guitarist Emre Bingöl (Inconsistent Malformation) and bassist Ertu Gözo?lu (Inhuman Depravity, Intestine Autopsy). 

The band has released two singles and an album and are currently signed to Russian music label Coyote Records. Their full-length debut album “Ethereal Realm” is released in 10 April 2021 by Coyote Records. 

Due to extraordinary COVID-19 outbreak conditions and regulations, the band is currently making plans for a possible European tour in 2022.

2021- Ethereal Realm (Debut Album) (Digital & CD/Casette Format)

• Genre: #BrutalDeathMetal

• Lyrical Theme : Death, Psychology, Darkness

• Label: Coyote Records

• Release Date: 10 April 2021

• Line-up: Vocals - Yunus Efe, Guitars - Ate? Baran Tüzün, Bass - Emre Bingöl, Drums - Eren Gürsoy

• Mixing & Mastering: Can Gelgeç (recorded at Studio S?rr?)

• Artwork: Zdzis?aw Beksi?ski (RIP).

• Logo: Steve Crow (Malevolent Icons).


01. Intro, 

02. Summoning for the Endless Obliteration, 03. Roots of Unmerciful, 

04. Reborn From Abstract, 

05. I Savor Like Entrails of Mad Children, 

06. Fraudulent Memoriam, 

07. Drawned and Suffocated, 

08. Agateophobia, 

09. Devouring the Gods, 

10. Outro

Contact Information: 

E-mail: goredimension.dm@gmail.com

Social Media:

Bandcamp: https://goredimension.bandcamp.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/goredimension 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/goredimension

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