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Taken from debut album titled “I AM HANNA” was released in August 31, 2021 by Dismembered Records.


Mannequin Goretuary was formed in Yogyakarta in mid-2018 and carries the genre of Slamming Brutal Death metal. Formed by Riry (Bass), who then invited several other colleagues, namely Koko (Guitar), Heri (Vocals), and Riki (Drums). But not long after being formed, Mannequin Goretuary went on hiatus for about a year because Riry had to focus on the band Venomed. At the end of 2019, then Mannequin Goretuary returned with a slight change in formation, Yoyok entered the bass position, Riry shifted to guitarist, and Koko left.

With this formation, Mannequin Goretuary made a single titled “Sinopsi” in 2020. “Sinopsi” itself is a synopsis (summary story) of the album that we were still trying to plan at that time.

In the middle of 2020 Heri and Yoyok left, leaving only Riki as the drummer and Riry filling the guitar as well as vocals. The project started with the formation of two people, we started the process of making material for the album, and finally the recording process until the end of 2020. From the portfolio of tracks that we sent to the label, we received quite a positive response. Finally, from some of these labels, we agreed to join Dismembered Records.

Recently, our debut album, which we titled “I AM HANNA”, was released in August 31, 2021. Contains a total of 8 tracks, 1 vocal track is filled by Andri Gila (ex Mud, Digging Up, Turbiduty, Bleeding Corpse), 3 tracks are filled by Calin Paraschiv (Analepsy, Clitgore), while the rest is filled by Riry.

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Album art by @aghypura , Mixed and Mastered by @ifanpramudianto at Sick Studio. 

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