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Taken from latest full-length album "Orgies Of Sadism" was released on 31 August 2021 by BrutalMind Records


Turbidity, an old name born in 2008 and at the same time echoing the brutal slamming death metal genre in the Indonesian underground music scene. Because at that time Turbidity appeared with a different packaging from the onslaught of other death metal bands. After their debut album "Suffering of Human Decapitated" released in 2011 received a crazy response from metalheads, Turbidity continued its ruthlessness with the release of an EP and split album in 2012, then in 2016 managed to launch a demo album. Now in the middle of 2021, Turbidity is again throwing out its second full album titled "Orgies of Sadism".

Under the banner of Brutal Mind, Turbidity realizes its latest release on compact discs along with other official merchandise. The horror of all the tracks on the Orgies of Sadism album further shows how the quality of Turbidity is at a dangerous level. If you follow Turbidity's track record, you will feel the difference from the concept they brought since the joining of Bobby Pamungkas (vocals) and Ferry Ferdiansyah (bass) at this time. Daniel Lesmana, the guitarist and the band's founder, also seems to be exploring more in presenting his riffs that are getting sharper with a touch of a very catchy groove. For devotees of Internal Bleeding to Skinless, you are very friendly to hear the merciless torture of every detail that is spewed out by Turbidity.

Turbidity still brings big themes of sadistic murder, mutilation, gore, and the like to be cruelly reviewed in a more neatly conceptualized lyric. The presence of Orgies of Sadism is quite a powerful antidote for local metalheads who are eagerly awaiting the next Turbidity craze. This album is also a real dedication to his two friends who have died, namely Andy Abang (manager) and Yovie Nur Alam (head crew), because they have conveyed a sacred message that Turbidity must finish this album.

Be-war, because Indonesian BestialSlamHorde is back. Feeding you with brutality!

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WA - 081460935104

IG @brutalmind.idn

Link - https://linktr.ee/brutalmind

Email: Info@brutal-mind.com


IG - https://instagram.com/turbidityofficial

FB - https://facebook.com/turbidityofficial

WA +62 812-2244-772

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