AERECUGA - Offer To The Gods


Taken from the second CD is called "Offer to the Gods" was released on 2021 

Band Info:

My name is Harry, I am from the Netherlands. I am 50 years old and make music purely for myself because I enjoy it a lot. I am not professional but a 1 man project. AERECUGA is the name of my band. Aerecuga is the Keltische Goddin of the Netherworld. I make melodic death doom metal. I want to make a band but can not find other musicians, that's why I started a project for myself. I have now made 2 CDs, the first CD is called "God of War" and the second CD is called "Offer to the Gods". I don't make music to get rich or super famous but purely because I like it and maybe I can make other metal heads happy with it that they appreciate my music. 

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