NASBLEUR - Dementia


The Third  Single was released on February 18, 2022 by music video on Amaze Aliens Pro YouTube channel.



About two years after the formation of Nasbleur, this metal band from Bali again spit out its latest single, entitled "Dementia" on February 18, 2022. Not only in the form of audio, but also in the form of a single. This is packaged into a music video to visualize the emotions in this work and can already be enjoyed on the Amaze Aliens Pro YouTube channel. "Dementia" is the third single, recorded independently by Nasbleur personnel then mixed and mastered at Amaze Aliens Labs Bali. 

Nasbleur's first single was "Carnivore Phenomenon" which was released in July 2020, followed by "Tyranny of Death" which was released in January 2021 last year.

For the production and maturation of the song "Dementia" it took more than a year, the first riff that Degus (Drummer Nasbleur) threw on the Whatsapp Group last December 2020 became the initial foundation of this work. Nasbleur continues to evolve, innovate and upgrade itself in terms of sound and material quality, but remains in the corridor of Modern Metal as a reference for musical ideals. However, there are many interesting things about this work, one of which is the inclusion of many elements of orchestral music and collaborating with Duke (Basis Postmen) who plays the Saxophone. This work is counted like a "roller coaster" from the initial "ambience" slightly "lo-fi" to aggressive which seems to show an expression of anger to the point where the Saxophone atmosphere is changed to a more relaxed "chill" so there are a lot of surprises in this song. In the lyrics department, Degus is believed to have carved the fruit of his image telling a person's anxiety when he can't feel trust in anyone and anything in front of him because of the loss of brain function, reason, memory, feelings and grief.

Nasbleur, which consists of four members: Win (Vocals), Reddle (Guitar), Krisna (Bass) and Degus (Drums) has a bibliography of each ranging from the metal genre itself to non-metal and is heavily influenced by bands or bands. Modern Metal soloist, Progressive "Djent" Metal to Thall.

In addition to the distribution of "Dementia" on the YouTube channel, some time later this work will also be available on various digital music listening services (streaming). After that, it will be followed by several playthrough videos by each Nasbleur member.



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