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Taken from 2nd Ep entitled "Spiritual Damage Vol.2" was realesed on 2021. 


REPTURE, a metal band from Bekasi was founded at the end of 2016 with the initial name Rapture by carrying the Thrash Metal genre. Formed by Richo Muhammad (Guitar) with Saprol (Drums), Azis (Bass), Dimas (Guitar) and Alle (Vocals). The name Repture itself is a play on the word Rapture which in English means rapture but they interpret themselves as a word that means passion or enthusiasm. Starting from performing at community gigs around Bekasi until in early 2017, Repture released its debut single, titled “Shit Me Up”. Some time after the single "Shit Me Up" was released, Alle resigned from the band due to busy work outside of music and the vocal position was replaced by Iky through vocal auditions. Entering 2018, repture began to show its identity by performing with other big metal bands in Indonesia and starting to explore by playing outside the city of Bekasi. Until February 11, 2018, Repture received an invitation to play in Kuala Lumpur along with other Malaysian bands. It didn't stop there, a few months after traveling to Malaysia on May 5, 2018, Repture returned to the neighboring country to perform at Voice of Mayhem (Johor - Malaysia) with several bands from Malaysia and Singapore. At the end of 2018 Repture released their debut Mini Album (EP) entitled “Spiritual Damage” and made their first event in line with the schedule of launching the EP by attracting legendary rock musician "Roy Jeconiah" and featuring bands from Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. Entering 2019, precisely on October 11, 2019, Repture received an invitation to play at one of the prestigious music events in Taiwan, namely "Taiwan Death Fest", but due to a technical error, Repture also decided to cancel the departure to Taiwan. Entering 2020, Saprol decided to resign from the band and the position of Drum was replaced by Fawaz. Not long after that, Repture started the process of recording their first debut album, but during the recording process, Fawaz couldn't be with Repture anymore. After that the Drum position is filled by a temporary substitute. Until 2021, Saprol rejoined to fill the drum position and not long after, Repture released its 2nd mini album (EP), entitled Spiritual Damage Vol.2, with the same song material as Spiritual Damage (2018) and added from the single Shit Me. Up (2017), which was previously released physically, is different from now the EP Damage Spiritual Vol.2 is released on almost all music applications. 





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