SINUSES - Slaughter Of Massive Colony | Single 2021


The 2nd single was released on 25th December 2021 in several digital platform.


Sinuses is an underground band from Makassar City, South Sulawesi that carries the Slamming Death Metal genre formed since December 15, 2019. Sinuses itself has completed 1 single entitled "Impact To Death". As a newcomer band in Makassar at the beginning of its movement, the promotion for the single Impact To Death was directly handled by one of the labels from the City of Jakarta in terms of releasing merchandise and promo CDs but not under a contract at all, only limited to cooperation for the initial promotion of this band. The distribution of the physical release of Sinuses has been spread to several cities in Indonesia and for overseas has been distributed to Japan. From the band itself, the single Impact To Death promo has also been released on several digital media such as Spotify, Soundcloud. For music videos and live videos, you can watch Sinuses on the Sinuses Official Youtube account. Recently, Sinuses has completed the second single which has been released in several digital media such as Soundcloud, Youtube Video and Bandcamp. The song is entitled "Slaughter Of Massive Colony" which tells about the massacre / genocide that has occurred in the city of Makassar, namely the Tragedy of the Victims of 40,000 people.

Personnel :

- Taufik (Vocals)

- Firman (Guitar/Additional)

- Ales (Bass)

- Randy (Drums)

Social Media Accounts:

- Spotify (Sinuses)

- Youtube (Sinuses Official)

- Instagram (sinuses_)/ TRVE DAMAGE SLAM

- Email (

- Soundcloud (Sinuses Official)

Contact    :

- Randy - Whatsapp ( 0853-833-833-85)

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