TIBIAST - Bad Social


Taken from latest Single was released by digital media on December7, 2021


#Tibiast is an extreme band unit from Bandung that carries the Groove Metal genre. Since its inception in September 2019, Tibiast has finally released its debut single at the end of 2021. Exactly December 7, 2021 at 20.00 WIB, Tibiast released a debut single while introducing itself to the public through a Music Video entitled "Bad Social". In this Music Video, Reza Mega & Tibiast take on the roles of Producers. Directed by Lucky Setiadi, this Music Video takes a different theme from the meaning of the song, in this Music Video it shows more about the characters in each personnel. With the storyline Tibiast finally came out for the first time after being hampered by various situations. The parties involved include Miracle Lab which acts as Executive Producer and Grimloc as Record Label. In this song, Radit (vocals) acts as the lyricist, and Rafly (guitar) as the Music Director. This song clearly tells of a social relationship in which the behavior of social relations is too compartmentalized based on one's material, credibility, and background. Social relationships and friendships should be based on a sincere basis regardless of one's background. Social relationships are very important in life, without genuine social relationships, life will be a drama of lies that will be exposed over time. Currently, Music Videos can be enjoyed on Tibiast Official Youtube, and will gradually spread to all digital music stores. We hope that Tibiast's work can be accepted and enjoyed by a wide audience, and this is our first step towards an album in early 2022.


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