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The First Album "SHADOWVOID"  was released September 2021, in slipcase CD format by Drakkar South America Division


The Sao Paulo Black Metal band, VULTHUM, has just released the long-awaited first album, entitled "SHADOWVOID".  VULTHUM was formed in 2019, with a veteran trio from the national black metal scene: vocalist Samej (Mythological Cold Towers, ex-Templum and ex-Desmodus Rothundus), guitarist Shammash (Guehenom, Mythological Cold Towers, Unholy Outlaw, ex- -Templum) and bassist Thorngreen (Unholy Outlaw, ex-Templum, ex-Spell Forest). The band calls their style "Grim Cold Black Metal", inspired by the Scandinavian school of the 90s.

"SHADOWVOID" was composed and recorded between September 2020 and June 2021, featuring 8 tracks of the purest, cold, sinister and strident black metal. The album was released this September, in slipcase CD format by Drakkar South America Division (representative of the French label Drakkar Productions, one of the pioneers specialized in Black Metal in the world) "SHADOWVOID" was also released in tape cassette format with some extras (card, sticker), by the label Angel of Cemetery Records.

The production of "SHADOWVOID" was in the hands of producer Eric Cavalcante (guitarist of the bands Vazio and Creptum) and he also participated in recording keyboard parts on the album. The cover was designed by artist Rodrigo Bueno (from the band Lacrima Mortis) and has already designed covers for several bands such as Unholy Outlaw, Vanhelga, Deformed Slut, HellLight, Agony Voices, among others.

Drakkar made available on its YouTube channel, the video for the single "Under The Icons of Mighty", the first track of the album "SHADOWVOID" and the video was produced by Pablo Rodrigues.

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