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The newest song taken from split album with Conjura  "Ortum Funebra Damnamtorum" was released on May 06, 2022 by Crystal Voidscape Records


EXAVERSUM begins as an idea from the year 2001 from the distant city of Nuevo Laredo Tamaulipas and finally saw the darkness in November 2020 based in Guadalajara Jalisco. Walking with the same vision from the beginning: to make a Brutal, primitive, fast Black, with crude melodies in the construction of its harmony, dark and extremely biliary. Conceived through the images of self-imposed human misery throughout their history on this earth rotten by themselves. At first the project was conceived and directed by a single person, NORTHEN (Guitar, Composition, Concept), however, today everything has turned unexpectedly to the point of forming a live band. A powerful “power trio†  formed by SERPENTAL CONQUEROR (Drums – Sargatanas – Guitar – Unholy Funeral) and WITCHLORD (Bass – Flaming Fog).

The first cuts from the project were two singles titled "Mortals Fall" and "Remember This Loss". Both the sound and the theme of this production portray the terror and human decadence that has been imposed by one's own unconscious decision to seek to see the world fall to its knees. As it always was, has been and will be.

The first recording simply titled "DEMO 2020" and consists of 4 songs that would later be part of the set list of the first Long Duration album entitled "TO LIVE AND DIE WITH" that saw darkness for the first time in February 2021 through the independent UK label MARWOLAETH RECORDS in the UK on Red Tape. August 2021 was a month of releases for the Black Brutal band, first a Split pro tape released thanks to Roger Beaujard (Mortician, Malignacy) who is in charge of PRIMITIVE RECORDINGS in the legendary city of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Later, the CD pro format was released through the great label QUETZALCOATL RECORDS MEX, which was well directed by our friend Francisco Sifuentes de la Fuente. “TO LIVE AND DIE WITH† , as if that were not enough, was also released with the independent distribution VAMPIRO DISTRO in Guadalajara, Jalisco, in a limited tape format for a Mexican reversion.

For 2022, the band has several releases in the pipeline. One is the infmae Split with CONJURA (Celaya, Guanajuato, Mexico) entitled “ORTUM FUNEBRA DAMNAMTORUM†  (The Death of the Damned), the release will be in charge of the British company CRYSTAL VOISDCAPE RECORDS in a limited edition reléase and with VAMPIRO DISTRO & LABEL in Mexico. The release of Demo 2020 is also expected and will be released in a limited tape format through the Mexican company CULT IN BLACK.


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