AYOWA - Akhir Senjaku | Single 2023 | Official Video


The 5th single just released premiere on February 13, 2023 exclusive for this channel.


AYOWA is a Gothic Metal female vocalist originally from Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara - Indonesia, but she lives in another country, Singapore. In March 2021, Ayowa was given the opportunity to provide female vocals in the song "Ilusi Mimpi" by Anto's (QUEEN OF DARKNESS) project band, BEAUTY ORCHESTRA. Then in December 2021, Anto again gave Ayowa the opportunity to provide female vocals for the song "Tekadku" by the band QUEEN OF DARKNESS.

Finally Ayowa decided to try to make his own song entitled "Kepiluan". In composing this first single, Ayowa was assisted by Anto for arrangements and musical instruments. Ayowa's debut single "Kepiluan" was released digitally on November 2, 2022 on the QUEEN OF DARKNESS Youtube channel.

Then on November 28 2022, AYOWA finished recording its second single entitled "Kehancuran Jiwa" and released it on the 1921Baliheadbanger Youtube channel. The song "Kehancuran Jiwa" was written by Ayowa himself, but for the arrangement and music, this time Ayowa was assisted by Arul (AUTHORIZ).

In December 2022, AYOWA will be releasing another self-composed song, the 3rd single entitled "Menuju Sebuah Khayalan" whose music and arrangement was made by Apre from TELLUH 666, and in this song Apre also changes the nuances of AYOWA's song a little to Gothic Black Metal. The 3rd single released exclusive on the 1921Baliheadbanger YouTube channel on Monday, 19 December 2022.

In early 2023, Tikoes Kecemploeng Prods compiled Ayowa's songs into a CD format entitled "Album A Masterpiece of Ayowa", containing 5 songs, namely 3 songs written by Ayowa and 2 songs written by Anto (Queen Of Darkness). This album has been released since January 20, 2023.

On January 27, 2023, Ayowa released the video clip for her 4th single entitled "Alam Murka", the lyrics were written by Ayowa himself and for the music and video made by Anto (Queen Of Darkness).

In early February 2023, Ayowa released another new single, the 5th single entitled "Akhir Senjaku", as usual Ayowa wrote the lyrics, while Bintang Dwinanda a.k.a Bibin (Black Demon Records) worked on the music and arrangement. The song "Akhir Senjaku" was released for the first time on February 13, 2023 exclusively on the 1921BALIHEADBANGER's YouTube channel.


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