CEKAM - Segregasi & Televishit


The songs taken from Promo CD was released on July 15, 2022


Bandung, as a band that produces various bands, gave birth to a new band consisting of two veterans of the loud music scene. CEKAM is a project band formed by guitarist Daniel from the slamming death metal band Turbidity from Bandung. Daniel came up with the concept for the band a year ago and brought in Abbay who is the bass player of Kill The Day and was also in the legendary band Puppen. To fill the vocal position, Mega, who previously joined the band Bernama Trust, has the Grindcore genre. Mega, who had rehearsed with his band at Studio Homeland, felt that Daniel and Abbay had a unique voice that was suitable for grinding on the songs that Daniel created. To fulfill the member's foundation, on the back line they chose Fadil from Altanigrum and Conspiracy of Morals to fill the Drum position.

With a female vocalist and the concept of modern Grindcore music mixed with oldschool Grindcore, getting a lot of influence from bands like Terrorizer, Wormrot, Rotten Sound, Nasum, making this band more iconic. Cekam did not want to take too long to penetrate the promotion and introduce his band. After their first performance at the Eundeur Kuningan event, they finished 5 songs and immediately recorded them.

In July 15, 2022 Cekam released a Promo CD with a Live Recording concept which contains 5 songs with the titles Segregation, Suck, Cekam, Nisiteipsum, and Televishit which were recorded at Homeland Studio. These songs have themes about conflict and anxiety that many people feel, political issues that occur, and many other social issues that are raised.

After they spread the promo, then they will make two music videos directly in August and release a full album at the end of 2022. Besides that, Cekam has a desire to enliven the loud music scene, especially Grindcore in Indonesia, through music and visualization for hard music lovers. See you and look forward to the latest news from Cekam.


Fadil : Drums

Mega : Vocals

Daniel : Guitars

Abbay : Bass


Instagram: @cekam_official

Facebook: @cekam_official

Youtube: @cekam_official

Booking and info: +62 813 1755 5565 (@mastodonz)

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