EDEN ADVERSARY - Lords ov Gehenna | Video Clip


The 4th Single was released  on Youtube since September 23th, 2022


EDEN ADVERSARY is a Symphonic Deathcore band fronted by 6 musicians from the city of Solo, Indonesia. Formed in April 2019, they appears wearing a mask and an all-black suit to cover his identity. 

Eden Adversary has released 3 singles in the form of 2 lyric videos and 1 video clip independently via YouTube and audio via other digital platforms. The first single "Blood Aversion" tells about the ingrained racism of SARA in the world. Meanwhile, the second single titled "Fanatics" tells about blind extremist fanatics. The third single "Messiah" is visualized through a videoclip which tells the emergence of the Antichrist/False Savior from a pessimistic point of view.

To commemorate two years since the release of "Messiah", Eden is now back with the song "Lords ov Gehenna". One of the tracks is taken from Eden's upcoming album in the form of a music video and featuring One-man Deathcore artist "Makhlvk". In this song, Eden tells about the 7 major sins or 7 rulers of hell from the divine hadith combined. This song has a more violent sound & more complex composition than their previous releases. The recording process took place at Gato Loco Studio, then mixed and mastered by Malik Sampurna at Hiatus Records.

The video clip for "Lords ov Gehenna" was released on September 23, 2022 on the Eden Adversary YouTube channel, and can be enjoyed on various digital portals and other music streaming services. The plan is for Eden Adversary's debut album to be released at the middle of 2023.


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# OFFICIAL VIDEO CLIP:  https://youtu.be/LvVZ0yQAzgE

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