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FENRIR'S SCAR is an alternative gothic metal duo, formed in 2015 by musician André Baida (vocals, bass, and guitar) and vocalist and lyricist Desireé Rezende. The name FENRIR is inspired by the norse wolf, which, according to mythology, was chained by the gods, but managed to break free and devoured odin. The combination with the english word “SCAR”, refers to an aggressive and loaded of emotions sound. The name was inspired by the song “Fenrir's Last Howl", by André Baida's old band, counterparts, released in their full-length “A Dreamer Betrayed” in 2007. The song was covered by FENRIR'S SCAR on their debut album, with a new arrangement and performed by André.

FENRIR'S SCAR started from some songs that André and Desireé created together and presented to producer Fabiano Negri (ex-Rei Lagarto, Unsuspected Soul Band, Dusty Old Fingers), coming to become the band's self-titled debut album, released in October 2017, produced by Fabiano Negri and co-produced by Ric Palma at The Minster Studio, in Campinas, São Paulo. The album appeared on several best of the year lists in 2017, with a high light for roadie crew magazine and roadie metal website, where it was selected between the 20 best albums of the year.

The musicians Ildécio Santos (Drums), Gabriel Rezende (Bass), Vinicius Prado (Guitar), Paulo “Khronny” Victor (Guitar), Graziely Maria (Keyboards), participated in the recording of the album and in the promotional concerts. Along with the album was released a music video for the song "From Porcelain To Ivory" and a lyric video produced by Gabby Vessoni for "Beneath The Skin".

Ein 2018, after the band participation in The Fs Metal Fest, which took place in Campinas, São Paulo, the band choose to follow as a duo, due to new personal and professional goals. In the same year, already as a duo and in partnership with producer Fabiano Negri, the band released two acoustic singles for the songs "From Porcelain To Ivory" and "Saturnine" by the Dutch band, The Gathering. 

In 2019, FERNRIR'S SCAR released another 3 singles: "Diggin' My Grave", version of the song present on the soundtrack of "A Star Is Born", originally recorded by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, and two other authorial singles: "Falling Curtains" and "Heal You".

The band's second album “Love|Hate|Hope|Despair” is being produced by Fabiano Negri, at The Cultura Pop Studio, in Campinas, and the drums are recorded by Icaro Ravelo (Arkana Fen/Ruins Of Elysium). Negri is also responsible for the synths, piano and guitar solos on the new album.

The album features six singles already released: “Heal You”, a bilingual ballad, released in November 2019, “Curse Of Mankind”, “The Enemy Inside”, “Break The Wheel” , “Blinded”, and more recently, already in 2022, the ballad "All Your Tears" . “Love|Hate|Hope|Despair” had its launch postponed due to the pandemic and is scheduled to premiere in the second half of 2022.

2022 will also be the year that FENRIR'S SCAR will return to the stage with a new lineup, as one of the opening bands for the concert of the classic Norwegian band, Tristania, in limeira-sp, scheduled for the month of December.


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Telephone: +55 (19) 99614-1011 (desireé) (19)99864-0266 (andré)

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