SESAT - Pengiwa


The Third single was released by Youtube on 11 October 2020


SESAT is a band that carries the BLACK METAL genre from the easternmost area of ??the island of Bali, namely Karangasem. SESAT began to hurry around 2019, together with 3 (three) personnel, namely Sudiatmika a.k.a JRYNK (Guitar & Vocal), Abdi Adnyana a.k.a PABLO (Guitar Bass), and Mang Adi a.k.a IDAGNAM (Drums).

SESAT does not lead like Black Metal bearers in general in their home country which is a symbol of rebellion, immorality, and rejection of social norms and religious values, but SESAT carries the theme of Balinese Local wisdom in Ngiwa Science or Left Science and raises theology- Balinese Hindu theology.

From the theme that was carried, SESAT already has several materials, the first material is entitled SAMSARA where this song tells about the cycle of birth, life and death in Balinese Hindu belief where every human life will not last forever and hell will be a witness to actions during our lives and our next births. will bring sin to be accounted for in a new life. The second material is entitled ANCIENT BHATARI where this song tells about Ancient Gods and Goddess who are known to grant requests that are able to show sincere devotion to Him, not to mention the devotees of the Science of ngiwa where their devotion has been proven to exceed other people's devotion, then Bhatara and Ancient Bhatari will grant all that is desired. And the third material is titled PENGIWA where this song tells about the devotees of Wisdom Science from the Ngiwa or Left Science school who are influenced by black, envious, and ignorant thoughts that dominate the souls of ngiwa followers.


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