The Fourth Single was released by digital on July 04, 2022


The Hash Slinging Slasher Band from Denpasar Bali was formed on December 4, 2013 ago with the latest formation consisting of 4 personnel including Bayu (Vocals), Sugix (Lead guitar), Riko (rhythm guitar) and Mang Adi (Drums). The beginning of the formation of The Hash Slinging Slasher itself started from our hobby of music and our hobby of covering Avenged Sevenfold songs which at that time still consisted of 5 people. THSS itself has evolved several times in its personnel from drummer, guitarist until now our bassist decided to leave because it was no longer in one vision and mission, but that did not dampen our passion for music, instead we used it as a motivation to be more enthusiastic in developing and improving. our creativity and skill in music. We adopted the name The Hash Slinging Slasher from one of the characters in the Spongebob Squerpants cartoon series. Starting from the studio booking, when asked by the studio, "What is the name of the band?" Bayu (Vocalist) spontaneously answered The Hash Slinging Salsher, and until now we have patented the name because it fits the character of our band who likes to joke and work crazy.

The Hash Slinging Slasher itself is a Metal Core genre with a thick old School aroma and there are some Alternative Rock beats to drum beats. This band is much inspired by the metal band from America, namely Avenged Sevenfold, which we can feel from the character of the vocalist's voice and also the melodic harmony on the lead guitar.

PINTU KEMENANGAN is our 4th single, recorded at Pizza Record which is located at Jalan Kebo Iwa Gg. Timbul Asri No. 3 Padangsambian Kaja, Denpasar-Bali and directly worked on by the owner. The Hash Slinging Slasher's first single titled "Penyakit Lama" which was recorded at Antida Studio and we released it on November 01, 2014. In the near future we plan to re-record our 3 singles, namely Pembuktian, Akhiri Perbedaan and Penyakit Lama, in order to give a fresh impression. for listeners and at the same time announcement of our latest formation.

PINTU KEMENANGAN itself was created by Bayu (Vocalist) with an additional melody assisted by Sugix (Lead Guitar), we also added a vocal group in the chorus to add color to the song and a high sense of musicality, assisted by all band personnel and some assistance from the band personnel, the composition of this song can be said to be very fast because it only takes a day to take the record, of course, balanced by reliable engenering. PINTU KEMENANGAN is a song about life motivation, a song that tells about how hard life we ​​are living, how hard it is to walk when we are at the lowest point in our lives, but when we are able to get up we are able to stand up again able to walk and even able to run then PINTU KEMENANGAN will open.


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