REGETH - Rotten Human Being of Sworn


Taken from second full-length album "TRAMPLED, TORTURED AND DIED" was released on October 01st, 2022 by Rottrevore Records


REGETH, the Brutal Death Metal band, was formed in 2001 in the area of East Java, precisely in the city of Madiun. REGETH comes from Javanese vocabulary which means 'DIRTY'.

In mid -October 2011, Rahmat (guitarist) moved to the city of Tangerang, and finally generated a REGETH with new personnel, namely Ari (drums), Dika (vocals), Aris (bass), and Rahmat (guitar).

After being unloading pairs of personnel, in 2012 with Line-up: Pete (drum), Gobex (vocals), Aconk (bass) and Rahmat (guitar) released a promo demonstration containing 2 songs (Aborsi , Bunuh Terbunuh).

In 2013, Regeth recorded 3 songs (Adikuasa Terlaknat, Keadilan Raja Iblis, Tangan Tangan Syetan) to be released limited with the title "Demo 2013".

In 2015 grace, with line-up namely Rahmat (Guitar), Gobex (Vocal), Ade (Bass), and Mingus (Drum), launched their first full album debut, entitled "Lawan Dengan Tanduk" released by the Black Art Production label on January 23, 2015.

After being preoccupied with playing at various underground events in Indonesia, at the beginning of the Covid Pandemic period, REGETH with its last line-up: Rahmat (Guitar), Gobex (Vocal), Asep (Bass), and Julian (Drum), preparing material for the second album And finally the regeth was contracted by one of the legendary label records from Bandung, namely Rottrevore Records. On October 1, 2022, Rottrevore Records released the full album of the second regeth with the title "TRAMPLED, TORTURED AND DIED". This album contains 9 tracts (including 1 Intro & 1 Instrumental), mixed and mastering by Redu (Jasad) at Crows Studio Bandung, and for the art of covers made by Rudi Gorginguicide.




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