RITUAL ORCHESTRA - Spirit Of The Black Hearts


The Single taken from Vinyl 7" EP  album  "Spirit Of The Black Hearts" was released by Master Of Kaos Productions - Colombia on October 2022


RITUAL ORCHESTRA, Malang's Most Uncompromising Dark Majestic Black Metal.

Ritual Orchestra was established in Malang on November 10, 1995, formed by Rachma Sandy (guitar) by inviting 2 of his friends: Edwin Sukisman (Drums) and Toni Setiawan (bass/vocals). At the beginning of its establishment, Ritual Orchestra, in every live show, still played songs belonging to other bands such as Blasphereion, Napalm Death, Sepultura, Terrorisers, etc. After feeling that he had found a concept that was more suitable to be influenced by European black metal bands, Ritual Orchestra began to perform his own songs which were composed entirely by Rachma Sandy and applied them to the Promo Tape "Satan In My Embrace" issued in February 1996 which contained 6 songs. which tells Darkness: The Legend, Satan In My Embrace, Holy Obsession, Me, Bood and Satan, Lucifer Blessed We All and My Soul Just For My Lord.

A year later, after exploring many Underground and non-underground events in February 1997 with Necround Record, Ritual Orchestra released the full Promo Tape "Satan In My Embrace" as a Debut Album with the title "Seeking Immortal" which contained songs from the Promo Tape Satan In My Embrace with added 2 new songs "Seeking Immortal" and "Diseuphonic Dark Requiem". This album, which was limited to 1000 pcs, was successful in hitting the Indonesian underground scene. And it became a matter of pride at that time. In June 1998, Ritual Orchestra received an offer from Rotorcorp, who was working with national record company Musika Studio to fill in one song in the Metalik Klinik II Compilation Album and the single "Serpihan Bintang Timur" was released. This compilation album became viral and controversial among Scenester because Major Label released it, different opinions and views colored this movement so that a boycott ensued.

Unaffected by boycotts, Ritual Orchestra continues to exist, giving another nuance of Black Metal and establishing its existence by hitting events throughout the cities of Java-Bali and Sumatra, after the single "Serpihan Bintang Timur" in the "Metalik Klinik" compilation sold more than 60,000 copies. this piece, in February 1999, Ritual Orchestra signed with the Malaysian label: Psychic Scream Etertainment, to issue a Split CD album "Perjuangan Ilmu Hitam", in this Split Album Ritual Orchestra with a Black Metal band from Penang, Malaysia, which received a good response from the release This Split album, debut album "Seeking Immortal" was re-released by Psychic Scream Etertainmet for the Malaysian market.

After the success of the distribution of the split album "Perjanjan Ilmu Hitam" and the debut album "Seeking Immortal" in Malaysia, the Single "Iblyssic Sacrament" is back with a more brutal musical concept, Extreme with aggressive riffs, of course with dark lyrics, Ritual Orchestra fills the tracks in the Compilation Album "Modern Ozz Demons Psychotic Eastern Blitz 99-666". This compilation featuring Southeast Asian bands is being re-released by Psychic Scream Etertainment with the aim of introducing Southeast Asian bands in America and Europe in particular.

In between exploring many events, some materials were created and in early 2000, to be precise, February was a separate history for Ritual Orchestra because that month was the first time that Ritual Orchestra worked together with a European band, namely BLODSRIT to release the Split Album "Storm Of Immolation" which re-released by Psychic Scream Etertainmet. And in the same month the track "The Legend" was included in the compilation album “Puaka Island Calls III part 1". And the next album "Visions From The Blackheart" was released in 2001.

And for some reason, in 2004 Edwin Sukisman resigned and his position was replaced by Herman from the Death Metal band Malang, Defection (2004-2005), Hasan from the black metal band Kediri, Eternal Darkness (2005-2006), and Fathurahman from Grindcore Band Malang, Conflict Bastard (2006-present). And for some reason, Toni also left the Ritual Orchestra and his position was replaced by Iksan Dwi Dharmawan on vocals and the bassist was filled by Dedy Riyadi from the band Javanesse Mythological Kinasih / ex-Sacrifice, Sidoarjo.

With a new, fresher formation, in February 2022, Ritual Orchestra released a single titled "Blackend Hatred" with a more aggressive and extreme modern scale composition of riifing druming patterns. Then in October 2022, Master Of Kaos Productions, Colombia, released the Vinyl 7" EP Ritual Orchestra album entitled "Spirit Of The Black Hearts", containing 2 songs namely the single "Blackend Hatred" and the newest song "Spirit Of The Black Hearts".


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