THE ERROR PROJECT - Live at "Balidwipa Jayamahe Launching Party" - 07 July 2023


EVENT NAME: LAZER FEST 13 & TIME TO HEADBANGING "Balidwipa Jayamahe Launching Party"

DATE: Friday, 07 July 2023

PLACE: OPENAIR STAGE, Lap. Bima Sakti Penatahan, Penebel - TABANAN


  1. Masa Lalu Tenggelam - [ 00:34 ]
  2. Sudut Hampa - [ 06:06 ]
  3. Ketika Sahabat Menjadi Bangsat - [ 12:13 ]

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The name The Error Project originated from the fad gathering with the crazy jokes of its founders and finally it was decided to form a band with the name The Error Project. With the hope that through the madness (error) new ideas will emerge. To reduce the negative connotation of the word "error" itself, this band is more often called TEP. The band was formed on March 11 2015 in Buleleng with the initial formation of Arie (bass / vocals), Agus Yana (guitar / vocals) and Iwak Qyong (drums). In the following year, TEP tried to create their own songs and recruited several guitarists, namely the formation became Arie (vocals), Agus Yana (bass), Krishna (guitar), Hendra (guitar), Iwak Qyong (drums) and released a song with the title "The Past Drowned".

Long story short, because of busyness and other things, some personnel said they left the band. In 2022 TEP recruited a guitarist, namely Wahyu Pramasta and immediately accelerated the process of working on their first album with the title "Deceitful Ambition". In May 2022 the drummer position was filled by Ben Prince, who had previously helped a lot with the recording process drums on this album. So that the formation of Tebaru The Error Project, namely Arie (vocals / guitar), Agus Yana (bass), Wahyu Pramasta (guitar) and Ben Prince (drums).


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