#BreakingNews : "Aku Muak" - WOMEN IN BLOOM's Debut Aggression Against False Prophets**


In a bold statement against societal hierarchies, Women in Bloom (WiB) unleashes their debut hardcore-punk single, "Aku Muak," on March 1, 2024. Founded in late 2021 in Semarang, WiB comprises Rizzky Dhea (Vocals), Debby Alin (Bass), Rafli Aji/Arap (Drums), and Panglima Raja (Guitar), emerging from the underground gig scene in Semarang. With a mission to diversify Semarang's male-dominated hardcore-punk scene, WiB's debut single "Aku Muak" signifies their commitment to challenge superiority complexes prevalent in society. The track confronts individuals who perceive themselves as superior to others in various aspects of daily life, from social gatherings to workplace dynamics and familial relationships. "Aku Muak" marks WiB's earnest plunge into the hardcore-punk genre, blending elements of Californian hardcore-punk akin to Torso and Scowl with infectious grooves amidst ferocious beats. The band's unapologetic rage is poised to incite wild moshing and fervent dancing among audiences.

Stay tuned for more updates as Women in Bloom continues to disrupt the status quo with their unyielding musical aggression.

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