#BreakingNews : **Brazilian Power Trio, FALLEN SHADOWS, Releases Brutal New Single "The Fall of Satan"**


In a daring move, FALLEN SHADOWS unveils their latest single, "The Fall of Satan," showcasing their most extreme sound yet. Released on February 5th, 2024, the track marks a departure into heavier territory for the band.

Lead guitarist Carlos Pranches explains the provocative title, stating, "We wanted a title to draw attention." The lyrics delve into the fall of the angel of light, offering a unique perspective on Lucifer's transformation into the lord of his infernal domains.

Bassist Eduardo Meira contributes to the single's visual identity, drawing inspiration from extreme art and big bands to create a brutal atmosphere.

Produced by Raphael Dantas and recorded at Modus Operandi Studio, "The Fall of Satan" is now available on all streaming platforms, accompanied by an exclusive Lyric Video on YouTube. Fans can experience the band's evolution into their most intense incarnation yet.

Check out the lyric video at: https://youtu.be/DTHR1xjZl4s

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