#BreakingNews : EXTINCTED Announces Digital Release of "Devided Purpose/Triumph of the Ratrace"**


Bandung's metallic hardcore sensation, Extincted, is back with a vengeance as they unveil their latest digital album titled "Devided Purpose/Triumph of the Ratrace." Featuring two tracks with a total duration of 05:58 minutes, the album is slated for release on January 26, 2024.

Led by vocalist Rangga and accompanied by Reza Sep on guitar, Lucky on bass, Reza Pratama on guitar, and Oktav FM on additional drums, Extincted promises a blend of primal Metallic Hardcore arrangements with a modern, barbaric sound.

With themes revolving around the abuse of power, the album delves into darker and heavier exposures, serving as a cathartic outlet for frustrations towards an outdated hierarchy grappling with power control systems.

Influenced by bands such as DMIZE, Rejuvenate, Cold As Life, and incorporating mid-tempo elements reminiscent of Obituary, the album presents a sharp and cohesive composition that captures the essence of the band's message.

Extincted Booking Contact & Info :

0812-2003-4853 (Airlangga Leonardo)

0878-2388-8157 (Lucky)

Email: extinctedforce17@gmail.com

IG: @extinctedforce