#BreakingNews - **HAWTHORN Releases "Superiority Complex" as Bridge to Debut EP Album**


After a year of hiatus, Bekasi-based Metallic Hardcore unit, HAWTHORN, breaks their silence with the release of a new song titled "Superiority Complex." The track, born out of the band members' individual struggles and emotional turmoil towards individuals exhibiting a "Superiority Complex," sheds light on the behavior of those who perceive themselves as superior to others, often holding exaggerated opinions of their own abilities and achievements.

The toxic nature of such behavior, stemming from innate human tendencies towards selfishness, arrogance, and conceit, is explored in the song. From minor instances to more significant cases, individuals with a superiority complex may resort to belittling those around them, perhaps as a means to mask their own weaknesses or past failures.

Recorded by MagmasherLab Records and mixed & mastered by Ajisaka Suherman, "Superiority Complex" features a collaboration with guest vocalist Aris Febryan from Builtfall (Jakarta). The song serves as a bridge to Hawthorn's debut EP album, addressing concerns surrounding toxic individuals and behaviors rooted in selfish desires.

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