#BreakingNews : Indonesian Alternative Rock Band POLARIA Releases Emotionally Charged Single "Lost In Life"**


Polaria, the Alternative Rock sensation hailing from Bekasi, Indonesia, has just dropped their latest single, "Lost In Life," on March 3rd, 2024. The song delves into themes of existential uncertainty and emotional turmoil, portraying a narrative of someone grappling with feelings of directionlessness and inadequacy compared to those around them. Despite the melancholy undertones, the protagonist remains resilient, concealing their sorrow behind a façade of composure, believing in their eventual path to happiness. With raw, emotional vocals, aggressive guitar melodies, heart-wrenching bass lines, and relentless drum beats, "Lost In Life" captures the essence of personal struggle and hopeful resilience. Polaria, consisting of Ravena (Vocal & Guitar), Fadhil (Drum), Awo (Bass), and Don Bomb (Guitar), continues to captivate audiences with their introspective lyricism and dynamic soundscapes. Stay tuned for more from this rising band as they carve their mark in the music scene.

IG: https://instagram.com/polariamusic

Link: https://linktr.ee//polaria