#BREAKINGNEWS **JAMAL, the Garage Punk Rock Quartet, Unveils "Akil Baligh" Maxi Single!


Malang, East Java - February 15, 2024

JAMAL, the rebellious quartet from Malang, East Java, shakes up the music scene with their latest release, the "Akil Baligh" maxi single. Recorded in the comfort of their own garage, this raw and concept-driven masterpiece marks a celebration of youth, mischief, and romance.

Featuring two tracks, "Parau" and "Rekreasi Rasa," each song encapsulates the essence of teenage rebellion and first love, taking listeners on a psychedelic journey.

Experience the raw energy of JAMAL's "Akil Baligh" on digital music platforms starting February 16, 2024, with their debut EP set to rock the airwaves later this year.

Stay tuned as JAMAL continues to redefine punk rock with their unapologetic sound and garage ethos.

Social Media:

IG: https://instagram.com/jamaljamaljamal

Contact Person: 0857-7740-5430 (Radityo Wicaksono)