#BREAKINGNEWS - Javanese Black Metal Veterans SANTET Release Haunting New Single "Susuk (Curse of the Black Witch)"


Legendary Javanese Black Metal band SANTET has unleashed a powerful new single, "Susuk (Curse of the Black Witch)," marking their latest foray into the realms of darkness. Released in February 2024, the single serves as a chilling appetizer for their upcoming 12th studio album, slated for release in 2025.

SANTET's journey began in 1992 with the formation of thrash metal band INTROVENT by Budi Blackustadz. Through various transformations and lineup changes, the band eventually morphed into the black metal force known as SANTET in 1997. Over the past 27 years, they've carved their names into the Indonesian metal scene with a relentless output, including their recent albums "SPIRITS OF MYSTICISM KINGDOM" (2022) and "ISTANA WONG KENTHIR" (2023).

"Susuk (Curse of the Black Witch)" showcases SANTET's signature blend of aggression and atmosphere, weaving tales of ancient Javanese mysticism and witchcraft. The single has already found its way onto the "SOUND OF DARKNESS" compilation album by BLACLUSTADZ records and a split project with Singaporean band ISTIDRAJ.

This latest offering is a testament to SANTET's enduring influence and their commitment to pushing the boundaries of extreme metal. Fans can expect a full-length assault of darkness when the band's 12th album arrives in 2025. Until then, "Susuk (Curse of the Black Witch)" will undoubtedly haunt the playlists of metalheads worldwide.

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