#BREAKINGNEWS - "The Kingdom Of Love" Unveils Debut Album - A Harmony of Love and Eternal Peace**


In a press release dated February 2, 2024, the band formerly known as Relax band, now rebranded as ROMAN CENTURY, proudly announces their debut album, "The Kingdom of Love." The band underwent a transformation in early 2023, not only changing their name but also welcoming a new drummer into their ranks.

Having embarked on their musical journey through festivals and band parades in Malang, East Java, ROMAN CENTURY reflects on their diverse experiences, realizing that love serves as a remedy for all challenges. The band, consisting of Hasbik as the vocalist, keys, composer, and producer, along with Adam and Rama on guitars, and Ravi Oso as the drummer, believes that love is the missing piece to complete the puzzle within their musical ensemble.

Stay tuned for a musical experience that promises to weave together the beautiful threads of love, creating a tapestry of harmony and eternal peace.

IG: https://instagram.com/romancentury

Contact person : 085338626681 

Email : Theromancentury@gmail.com

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