#BreakingNews - LAMEBRAIN Defies Political Turmoil, Drops New Single "Apple" in Collaboration with Lamunai Records


Amidst the political uproar, Bandung's alternative rock sensation, LAMEBRAIN, refuses to be drowned out by political noise, choosing instead to unveil their highly anticipated latest single. Following thorough discussions, Lamebrain has set the release date for their newest track, "Apple," on February 9, 2024. This release marks a significant collaboration between Lamebrain and Lamunai Records.

Known for their EP "Overpower" in 2015 and the full album "For C. Marlowe" in 2019, Lamebrain introduces a fresh change in their latest work, adopting a more relaxed and liberated approach. Exploring a more balanced vocal distribution, all members get their chance to shine.

"Apple" serves as the lead single towards their upcoming full album slated for release later this year. With a duration of 3:48, the song narrates the cyclical nature of life, culminating in an apathetic stance. This work can be considered a stoic anthem.

The single "Apple" is now available on all Digital Streaming Platforms. Enjoy the music. Thank you.


Lamebrain is an alternative rock band with a quartet of musicians, boasting over 10 years of experience in the music scene, born in Bandung with all their creative aspects in making music. Consisting of Alan Davison (Guitar & Vocals), Pramaditya Azhar (Drums & Vocals), Mufti Mujtahid (Bass & Vocals), and Aslam Rizky (Guitar, Synth & Vocals). Lamebrain introduced themselves by releasing an EP called 'Overpower' on April 18, 2017; they successfully brought their new music to light with two singles called Repulse and Ace Combat. Their first album "For C. Marlowe" was released on August 28, 2019.


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