Ki Barak Sělěm Unveils Debut Single: "महाकाली, You're the True Protector"

In a riveting debut, the one-man band Ki Barak Sělěm took the music scene by storm on December 2, 2023, with the release of their inaugural single titled "महाकाली, You're the True Protector". This groundbreaking track serves as a gateway into Ki Barak Sělěm's unique musical universe, blending the traditional sounds of Balinese gamelan with the characteristic distortion of melodic guitars synonymous with metal music. The fusion of these diverse elements creates a mesmerizing auditory experience that defies convention.

Led by Putra Pande, formerly a guitarist and the founder of the band ABETTOR OF SATAN in Surabaya, Ki Barak Sělěm represents a resurgence of a project that initially took shape 25 years ago upon Putra's return to Denpasar after pursuing his education in Malang and Surabaya. Despite facing constraints in instrumentation, Ki Barak Sělěm's reemergence in 2023 marks a new chapter in its evolution. Putra Pande, driven by a desire to channel his emotions through music, embarked on a creative journey that transcends musical boundaries.

The essence of Ki Barak Sělěm's sound lies in its innovative blend of metal music infused with the pentatonic melodies of Balinese folk gamelan, coupled with elements of doom and atmosphere. This distinctive fusion gives rise to a genre that can aptly be described as Balinese Folk Metal, a testament to the band's commitment to both tradition and experimentation. Lyrically, Ki Barak Sělěm delves into themes rooted in the mythology of Gods and Goddesses, as well as the enigmatic teachings of ancient mysticism, offering listeners a glimpse into a realm steeped in mystique.

Fans eager to immerse themselves in the world of Ki Barak Sělěm can enjoy the lyric video of "महाकाली, You're the True Protector" on the band's official YouTube channel @kibarakselem, with plans for its availability on digital music platforms underway.

Looking ahead, Ki Barak Sělěm has ambitious plans for the future. In March 2024, the band is set to unveil its second single, building upon the momentum generated by their debut release. Furthermore, a mini-album (EP) comprising 4-5 songs is slated for a mid-2024 release, offering enthusiasts an extended exploration of Ki Barak Sělěm's musical repertoire.

Excitement reached new heights with the recent addition of Krisna Teja to the Ki Barak Sělěm family. Hailed as the fresh vocalist, Krisna Teja brings a wealth of experience and a distinctive voice to the ensemble. His background as both a spiritualist and the vocalist/lyricist for the renowned hardcore band REGICIDE from Bali positions him as a valuable addition to the band's lineup. Unified by a shared vision, Krisna Teja collaborates with Putra Pande to further enrich Ki Barak Sělěm's artistic endeavors.

As anticipation mounts for the forthcoming releases, Ki Barak Sělěm remains steadfast in its dedication to delivering a musical odyssey that transcends boundaries and captivates audiences worldwide.

Written by BrutalSick