#PressRelease - AFRA: A Blend of Atmospheric and Surrealism in Aruna Cakrawala to be Released on December 15, 2023


AFRA, a collaborative project initiated by Oik and Myco in 2021, has evolved into a journey intertwining with D and Dony, culminating in the creation of Aruna Cakrawala. United by their individualistic approach, they converge to pioneer Atmospheric/Melancholy Black Metal from Kediri, East Java. AFRA, personified as a symbol of purity and fertility, encapsulates contrasting dualistic philosophies, echoing through their release. AFRA caught the attention of China-based label Pest Production, known for promoting notable bands like Vallendusk and Pure Wrath from Indonesia.

"Aruna Cakrawala" encapsulates AFRA's philosophy, depicting utopia and dystopia through surrealistic imagery and cosmic motifs. Departing from conventional themes, AFRA's musical influence draws from bands like Der Weg einer Freiheit (Ger) and Pure Wrath (Idn), crafting emotionally charged compositions with a blend of distortion, modulation, and tremolo picking. Each track within Aruna Cakrawala serves as a narrative instrument, weaving a theatrical storyline, inviting listeners into a realm of utopia and melancholy. With the endorsement of Pest Production, Aruna Cakrawala marks AFRA's cosmic debut, reflecting Black Metal's surrealism, captivating underground music enthusiasts worldwide.

IG: https://instagram.com/ainsoph.afra