#BreakingNews : DEATH PROPHECY Drops Highly Anticipated Single "Symptoms of Indiscriminate Slaughter"

In a momentous release, Salatiga-based band Death Prophecy unveiled their latest single yesterday, April 22, 2024. With a duration of 2 minutes and 40 seconds, the band, known for their distinctive sound, has infused a fresh accent into their music with this latest track.

Following the success of their 2021 album "Massacre From Meiji Ishin," fans have eagerly awaited the emergence of new material from the group. The arrival of "Symptoms of Indiscriminate Slaughter" marks a significant milestone for Death Prophecy as they continue to carve their path in the music industry.

Despite their departure from the Japanese concept present in their previous work, the band has made a deliberate choice to maintain their unique identity. Affectionately dubbed "Slamurai" by their fans, Death Prophecy remains committed to delivering music that resonates with their audience while pushing creative boundaries.

"Symptoms of Indiscriminate Slaughter" is now available for streaming and free download on Death Prophecy's Bandcamp and YouTube channel. Fans and music enthusiasts alike are encouraged to experience the latest offering from this dynamic and innovative band.

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