#BreakingNews : GRIMLOCK AGONY Set to Release Debut Singles!**


GRIMLOCK AGONY, a fresh face in Sukabumi's music scene, is gearing up to unleash their debut singles on April 12, 2024. Embracing the Deathcore genre with influences from Slaughter To Prevail, Whitechapel, Slipknot, and Periphery, the band's philosophy centers on overcoming suffering for personal growth.

Under the guidance of Metal Militia 99 Production, led by Faizal Darussalam of Angel Of Death, the promotional singles will be available in physical formats like CD and cassette, alongside exclusive bundle packs featuring their limited edition single "Suffer."

Simultaneously, the band's tracks will hit digital platforms worldwide, offering a taste of their unique sound and vision. With hopes to resonate with extreme music enthusiasts, GRIMLOCK AGONY is poised to make their mark on the national scene.

Stay tuned for the debut singles from GRIMLOCK AGONY as they aim to captivate audiences with their raw energy and profound lyrics.


Instagram: https://instagram.com/grimlock_agony

Label : metal militia 99 production