#BreakingNews : HANA TAN HANA Unveils Debut EP "Cosmic Rituality"!

In an electrifying announcement, HANA TAN HANA, the brainchild of Brutalsick, is set to unleash its inaugural EP "Cosmic Rituality" on May 2, 2024, exclusively in digital format through Bali Headbanger Music.

This groundbreaking project, a digital one-man band endeavor, showcases the sheer ingenuity of Brutalsick, who single-handedly crafted all seven songs featured in the EP. Leveraging advanced computer and internet technologies, Pande meticulously composed the music, arranged the melodies, and penned the compelling lyrics, culminating in a mesmerizing musical journey like no other.

Delving deeper into the origins of the name, "Hana Tan Hana" draws its roots from Old Javanese, symbolizing the profound concept of nothingness. However, within this apparent void lies a rich tapestry of spiritual exploration, as Hana Tan Hana embodies the essence of divinity, delving into the nuanced realms of existence and non-existence, with God serving as the focal point of interpretation.

Pushing the boundaries of musical experimentation, the Hana Tan Hana Project boldly merges the raw intensity of Death Metal with an eclectic array of influences, including slamming, beatdown, groovy, metalcore, deathcore, and hardcore elements. Through this amalgamation, Brutalsick seeks to encapsulate the essence of Dharma and the divine, drawing inspiration from the sacred teachings of Nusantara's esteemed ancestors.

With each track serving as a poignant narrative, the EP "Cosmic Rituality" embarks on a profound exploration of spirituality, transcending conventional boundaries to deliver a visceral and thought-provoking auditory experience. As anticipation mounts for the release, music enthusiasts worldwide eagerly await the unveiling of HANA TAN HANA's debut EP, poised to redefine the landscape of contemporary metal music.