#BreakingNews : HompimpaH Releases Single "Bahagia Sendiri" as Prelude to New Album

Following the release of 8 songs in the EP 'Transisi' in 2022, HompimpaH has now unveiled a single that sounds lighter than the materials in their previous EP, more pop-oriented, and easier to digest. "Bahagia Sendiri" marks the first single released by HompimpaH in 2024 as a prelude to their second album, scheduled to be released at the end of 2024.

Maintaining their signature style, the piano's gentle melody is highlighted right at the beginning of the song. The song exhibits a highly varied spectrum of colors, with cheerful notations and chords juxtaposed with contemplative lyrics, depicting the pursuit of happiness within oneself.

“Look at my smile, it helps at least to ease this heartache from the thousands of wounds you inflicted
Forgetting about you, surely will guide me to find happiness on my own
Go through regrets within oneself”

HompimpaH also adds a noticeable alternative touch, especially in the interlude of the song.

"Bahagia Sendiri" narrates how one seeks happiness within themselves after experiencing unpleasant experiences in a relationship.

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